An Overview of Managed Firewalls

Firewalls help to protect computer networks from outside attacks by hackers, viruses, and malware. A managed firewall is a monitoring service that watches ingoing and outgoing traffic from your business. It can be customized to make sure all IT network components are always safe. Having managed firewall services for your computer network can keep computer systems operating efficiently.

Benefits of Managed Firewall Services

There are numerous benefits to managed firewall services, but the biggest are listed below:

  • Preventing hackers from any access to the system
  • Keeping the network safe
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Restrictive Access

Preventing hackers from any access to the system

While most companies realize the potential dangers of firewall breaches, they still fail to invest in managed firewall services and the regret follows very soon. When companies suffer a data breach, it can be catastrophic. Customer data can be compromised as can company information. This can cost companies both customer and revenue loss. To prevent this, managed firewall services Toronto is used to secure the network and keep hackers out.

Keeping the network Safe

As developing technology continues to change the landscape of business and the Internet itself, cyber thieves are continuing to evolve too. There are new cyber threats released each and every day. This is why it’s so important to install the latest firmware updates to your firewalls and network infrastructure. Without these components being managed properly, your business and your data are at risk.

Disaster Recovery

While firewalls reduce the risks of cyberattacks, there are problems with natural disasters and hardware failures that will require fast action to make the system operational again. It is important to have a disaster recovery strategy in place to minimize downtime. With managed firewall services an emergency disaster recovery plan will be devised and implemented.

Restrictive Access

Most companies have user accounts which allow employees to access various parts of the system and various pieces of data. These user accounts can become compromised with improper password management and passwords that haven’t been changed in a timely fashion. It is important to restrict who can and cannot access various data. It helps to protect your business and IT network.

Who Needs Managed Firewall Services?

Any company with access to the Internet and utilizes servers and network components can be exposed to many hackers and malicious threats. It is important to safeguard network components and valuable data gathered by company computer systems through managed firewall service providers to ensure that all firewalls are configured, maintained, and monitored on a continual basis.

It is important to know what services you need when considering managed firewall service pricing. Some packages come with cell phone and internet bundle options to save money.

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