How SMBs Can Protect Themselves Against the Evolving Threat Landscape ?

With cyber threats constantly evolving, it is so imperative that small businesses make sure they are protected against spyware, malware, and viruses. With more employees working from home than ever before, connecting to business assets remotely, it has never been more apparent than now that cybersecurity needs to be a priority. Many small to mid-sized businesses must learn how to do more with less. With shrinking budgets and increased demands, it can be challenging to navigate through the world of cyber threat assessment. Pathway offers the best managed firewall services available. This is one of the best methods to keep network assets safe from hackers. Reach out to us to find out more about our services and expertise.

The Impact of the Pandemic

During and after the pandemic, with businesses needing to shift their models from onsite and in-office to remote models, implementing protections against system crashes, hackers, and cyberthreats was more important than ever. However, in mid-April, a year after the pandemic hit, an astonishing 46% of small to mid-sized businesses were going to cut their information technology budgets. One way to stay safe is to hire Pathway to provide managed firewall services.

Technology Shortcomings

Another thing many small and mid-sized businesses found with the increase in remote connectivity was that their internet needed to be improved. Employees and customers alike reported slowdowns. Those companies had to work to invest in faster connections.

Guidelines for Mitigating Cyber Threats

While there are dozens of guidelines and factors in trying to minimize the impact of cyber threats on a company’s functionality, the ones below are considered the most significant.

  • Home Networks Are Password Protected
  • Use a VPN to Connect to Work Servers
  • Split Home Network, so Company Devices Have Their Own Wi-Fi Network and Home Devices Have Their Own
  • Always Apply Software Updates and Device Updates
  • Keep Devices with You at All Times
  • If Payments are Processed Remotely, Input Data into the systems not on Post-it Notes
  • Restrict Work Devices for Work Only and not for Personal Use
  • Follow Basic Security by Creating Strong Passwords

Firewall Importance

A firewall is a gatekeeper, monitoring traffic coming and going between network assets and the outside world. Managed firewall service providers, like Pathway, provide security and peace of mind. There is a multitude of managed firewall service pricing to fit any budget. Services can be added or subtracted at any time.

Reach out to Pathway Communications for the best managed firewall Toronto services. We are your firewall experts.

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