Protect Your Critical Apps From Cyber Attacks

Secure Your Organization Against Ransomware & Credential Theft.

No Infrastructure Upgrades or Changes Needed.

Pathway SDP is the first easily scalable, security-as-a-service solution based on the Software Defined Perimeter model.

Stop attacks by creating a zero trust perimeter around your apps, and keep the attackers from seeing what’s inside your network.
Our solution requires no infrastructure upgrades or changes, even across complex, hybrid networks.

Keep enemies out without sacrificing productivity.

Moving your operations to a hybrid environment enables organization-wide agility and efficiency. It also brings new security challenges by creating new opportunities for cyber attacks. Hackers are constantly testing your network defenses, looking for weaknesses in public accessible portals to gain access to your high-value data.

Cyber-attacks have evolved, has your security?

Attackers are using sophisticated tools to breach your defenses. Overwhelmingly large DDoS attacks, advanced phishing emails tailored to steal your user’s credentials, the latest server exploits, Ransomware infections that proliferate throughout networks and connection hijacking are all designed to cripple your operations while providing a payday for the criminals behind the attack.

Attackers can’t target what they can’t find.

The solution? isolate your apps (even in the cloud); Validate the user, device and security posture before allowing a connection to the application; And, allow access based on role, device and user authentication rules you create.

hacker defeating perimeter

How SDP works

Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) In Action

Software Defined Perimeter (SDP) creates a zero trust barrier in front of your apps, making them invisible until a trusted device attempts to access them. The system works as an overlay on your existing network gear to add a final layer of protection on the route to accessing your data.

  • Access is granted to users or roles that you create for Apps and data
  • Strong multi-factor authentication (MFA) checks for authenticity (device identity) and signs of compromise.
  • if both checks pass then the controller creates a path to the application gateway
  • The application gateway, after receiving the authentication from the controller, creates a MTLS tunnel to connect the user and the application.
  • Using the secure tunnel, a user can now log into the protected App using their login credentials

The entire authentication process is completely transparent to the user, and does not impact the use of your apps.

Hackers can’t defeat it.

How does Software Defined Perimeter perform in the real world? To find out, we recently competed in a series of “hackathons,” sponsored by the Cloud Security Alliance. Check out the stats:

  • Never breached in four hackathons
  • Used three public cloud setups in the competition
  • Involved 104 countries around the globe
  • Spent 30 days in the wild
  • Experienced 15 billion direct attacks

The results? Zero packets reached any protected workload.

Strong perimeter defense

Enhance Your Network Protection While Reducing Complexity & Cost

Software Defined Perimeter is a completely new approach to security that provides pre-attested, context-aware, secure access to applications in today’s untrusted enterprise landscape.

Access Control

  • Built-in VPN across hybrid infrastructure
  • Enterprise IAM integration
  • Context-aware policy enforcement

Advanced Protection

  • Protected apps isolated from network attacks
  • Minimizes credential theft risks
  • Isolates compromised devices

Breadth of Enforcement

  • Internal, IaaS, SaaS apps isolated & secured
  • Single layer of protection for secure enclaves
  • Any user, any device, anywhere

Next-gen Security

  • Vulnerability assessment
  • Device compromise detection
  • Posture checking

Future-Proof Economics

  • Low operating expenses; no capital expense
  • SaaS model; Pay-as-you-grow scaling
  • Reduces costs of compliance and audits

Ease of Use

  • MFA is transparent to users
  • Single pane of glass management
  • Delivered as a managed service

Modern IT Security Solutions.

Full Stack Experts. The Pathway Difference.

When you choose Pathway as your software defined perimeter provider, you’ll be working with professionals who understand all aspects of modern infrastructure. From business connectivity solutions to complex multi-cloud environments, we have the deep technical expertise needed to manage and secure your systems. Pathway SDP delivers next generation security for your organization. Cloud hosted controllers are built for redundancy and deploy-able around the world. Application gateways are hosted in your data centre, as close to the application it’s guarding as possible. And, we’ll help you: discover and resolve network exposures, configure and install Pathway SDP agents, and reduce your risk footprint.

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