Use Cases for Managed Hosting

Cloud computing has become as common in the world of IT managed solutions as the mouse has to desktop computing. Unfortunately, how the cloud impacts a specific business is singular. There are simply too many factors involved to offer a single one-size-fits-all solution for any given business. In the world of managed cloud services there are three types:

  • Public Cloud Hosting
  • Private Cloud Hosting
  • Hybrid Cloud Hosting

All three variations of managed IT cloud services, provide excellent options. However, determining which one suits your business will be based on several factors. Would it make sense to host your services on a public cloud or a private cloud or somewhere in-between? There are specific use cases which can highlight the benefits of each.

Benefits of a Managed Private Cloud

While there are numerous benefits to managed cloud storage, the five biggest are listed below:

  • Customized Solutions
  • Lowered Cost
  • Support Continuity
  • Legacy Systems
  • Compliance
  Customized Solutions

A big benefit of private managed cloud storage is there is no sharing of resources like with a public cloud. In a public cloud, your business is required to share servers across multiple businesses. In a private managed cloud computing environment, you are in complete control of your servers, customizing it to your specific needs.

Factors to consider:

  • Security
  • Governance
  • Recovery Options

If your business requires a high level of security and has specific rules of governance, utilizing dedicated, private infrastructure is the way to go. It allows for predictable pricing and performance which also helps continuity for you and your business.

  Lowered Cost  

While many businesses cite higher cost for private managed cloud services as a reason to go with public clouds, it is not always the case. It can actually be cheaper for businesses who have frequent, significant changes to their storage needs and workload. During the implementation of automation processes, storage needs can change drastically. Managing that in a public cloud is a nightmare.

  Support Continuity

When utilizing managed cloud services, businesses can benefit from long-term partnerships, which aid in the continuity of support. Private cloud hosting is a big benefit in that it allows for full customization of the entire cloud environment. This helps businesses meet all of their needs without giving up continuity of support.

  Legacy System

This is one of the biggest benefits of private managed cloud services. In some cases, older operating systems, also known as legacy systems, cannot operate in public clouds. However, they can in private cloud systems.


Controlling audits, security measures, and updates is much simpler in a private cloud setting.

IThere are multiple benefits to a managed cloud hosting services setting. Is it right for you? Reach out to Pathway Communications for more information.

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