Why Look for Dedicated Business Internet Solutions?

In a worldwide marketplace, connectivity is vital to business success. Suppose you are running a small business or even a home business. In that case, you may wonder if the residential internet connection is adequate. Is it meeting your needs as a business owner? Would getting a more robust connection through business Internet services make sense? A business internet connection provides a dedicated connection with much faster upload or download speeds. It also offers more features, such as advanced customer service with a much quicker response to tech support issues.

Does it Make Good Business Sense?

Before deciding to go with a business internet connection, it’s important to know the full benefits of such a connection.

Benefits of a business connection:

  • Faster Connection Speeds
  • Static IP Address
  • Dedicated Connection
  • 24 Hour Tech Support

Faster Connection Speeds

With a residential connection, typical internet speed can range from 1mbps to 1gbps. While this might be adequate for most home use with gaming and streaming services, it can be inadequate for businesses. With a business connection, the speeds can range from 25mbps to 10gbps, allowing for smooth video conferencing and effective upload and download speeds. It also allows for seamless file sharing.

Static IP Address

It allows your business to be connected to the internet with an unshared IP address. This creates seamless interaction and improved customer experience.

Dedicated Connection

Suppose your company’s website seems to lag on a residential connection. In that case, it could be because the connection is shared with other customers in many situations. This means you are sharing the speed or bandwidth of your connection with other users. It can be problematic for many reasons, but the most significant is the speed by which your website operates. With a dedicated connection, no other users or customers will share your connection or bandwidth. This means you will be operating at your optimal speed all the time, every time.

24 Hour Tech Support

A business internet connection can offer peace of mind with around-the-clock tech support. This support extends from desktop support to connectivity issue resolution. Knowing your business is online and operating effectively can be incredibly important. When your website and data systems are reliable, it can bolster customer satisfaction and employee trust in the systems.

By taking advantage of business internet services, your business will have increased online visibility. Also, with a business fiber internet connection, companies have looked to use VoIP phone services. Many times, businesses can save considerably by taking advantage of home phone and internet bundles. If you have questions regarding business internet connections, feel free to contact Pathway Communications. We are your business internet solution provider. Reach out today.

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