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80% of companies think they are providing quality customer service…
only 8% of their clients agree.

Your customers are looking for quick, accurate technical support. If they aren’t satisfied, their business may rapidly go elsewhere.

First Call Resolution is in the DNA of all Pathway Contact Centre Solutions. We’ve designed our services around one critical thought: Swift issue resolution leads to a great customer experience. Pathway specializes in delivering the best customer experience for technical products. We perform no other administrative or outbound call center tasks. This dedicated focus and our experience as an IT solution provider, has allowed us to hone the skills, tools, processes and systems to deliver outstanding and highly cost efficient technical support services.

Your customers. Our focus.

Pathway only delivers inbound technical customer support contact centre solutions for your IOT devices, Internet connected devices and complex technical products.

If your CSAT is suffering because of untrained, non-technical agents; or your teams are simply not able to keep up with accelerated technical product launch cycles and don’t know what to do next, call us. We’ll audit your existing contact centre solutions and design a program that’s customized for your unique business requirements.

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An Exclusively Technical Contact Centre Solutions.

Generic call centers simply do not have the capabilities to support technical products while maintaining quality and CSAT SLAs. The divided attention you’ll get with a non-focused, generic provider is more likely to harm your brand reputation than it is to delight customers.

Our clients choose to work with us for our track record of building loyal, repeat customers through our ability to provide consistently excellent technical customer service, delivered by IT professionals.

Cost Reduction is good… Increasing Profit is better.

If your customer service isn’t delighting customers, they’re making their next purchase somewhere else! Outsourcing your Contact Center to Pathway will dramatically improve your customer satisfaction scores. Our tightly controlled and monitored key performance metrics like FCR, ASA, and CSAT ensures your customers are receiving quality care and never have a reason to buy elsewhere.

24×7 Inbound Contact Centre Solutions

Pathway supports any coverage requirements with flexible, intelligent staffing to identify and accommodate your peak demand hours. We exclusively staff with technical agents ensuring resolution on the first call day and night.

Rigorous Agent Training

Technical and Security Trained Agents certified from the best organizations in the world. Everything from HIPAA, PHIPA, ITIL and PCI is covered in our agent onboarding and customized modules are developed for each new client engagement.

Onshore / Offshore Delivery

Pathway delivers the best value in the business for highly technical agents. Our twin contact centres in Toronto, Canada can also blend coverage with our international contact centres ensuring the right coverage for any budget.

IT Service Desk For Customers

Our Contact Centre solution and Agent training follow ITIL and similarly recognized processes for Service Delivery. The same recipe we use to support corporate IT infrastructures is how we deliver great technical product support to your customers.

Transparent, In-depth Reporting

In addition to standard call centre reporting, our in-depth analytics will help identify recurring issues. We’ll even help you develop quick fix strategies and long-term solutions with your product teams.

Omni Channel Support

Part of delivering outstanding customer services means being available to your customers everywhere. Pathway can provide phone, email, chat and social media support to ensure your coverage is complete and convenient.

What our clients think:

What our customers are saying

Overall, I have been extremely impressed with Pathway Communications. The company, leadership team and the quality and enthusiasm of their technical support agents is a welcome change that has more than paid off for Bridgewave. Thanks to this great experience we are now looking for additional opportunities to shift more work to Pathway Communications in the future. I would highly recommend working with them.

Jeffrey Seger, Director of Customer Support – Bridgewave Communications

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