Boost productivity with cost-effective IT support

Why you need more

It’s true that in-house managed IT support, built with professionals you personally selected and have direct control over, can support your day-to-day business pretty well. However, when your business grows faster and your IT keeps scaling bigger, your in-house team may not be able to match the pace of the company’s growth and often end up underperforming. It can be difficult for an in-house team to scale up quickly to meet the increased business demands with limited resources and tools available.

Higher Costs

Hiring, training, and maintaining an in-house managed IT support and service team can be costly, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. The costs of salaries, benefits, and equipment can add up over time.

Limited Expertise

Businesses with specialized or complex needs may face issues when relying solely on an in-house managed IT support and service team, as they may lack the level of expertise that outsourcing providers possess. Managed IT Outsourcing providers often prioritize upskilling their workforce, which can result in a more knowledgeable and skilled team compared to an in-house team.

Network And Security Vulnerabilities

IT is a complex infrastructure that stores crucial and sensitive data of your business. You need to perform 24/7 surveillance with the latest software and hardware tools and have enough expertise to keep your IT structure standing in case something goes awry. However, achieving this level of data security with your in-house managed IT team with limited resources and tools is challenging.

Limited Scalability

When the in-house managed IT team is not properly trained, equipped to handle certain issues, or understaffed, it could lead to longer downtime, resulting in loss of productivity and interruption to business operations. Frequent or longer downtime leads to loss of revenue and damaged business reputation, too. Click here to calculate the cost of downtime for your business.

Downtime Loss

Our engineers monitor your services 24x7x365. Our goal is to resolve every alert well within service level agreements. Your connection to the internet is monitored every 3 minutes — that’s 14,400 times a month! Your infrastructure is protected with a real-time intrusion prevention and detection system. Your operating systems are patched, your data is backed up, and your applications are taken care of.

Do more with managed IT support and services

IT support and service is the backbone of your business’s operations. It empowers your employees with the necessary tools to do their jobs effectively by managing and maintaining your company’s IT infrastructure around the clock. By partnering with a trusted managed IT service provider, you can resolve technical issues quickly and efficiently and keep the downtime as minimum as possible. Your business can have a significant impact on productivity and revenue by leaving the IT troubles to a trusted third-party service provider.

Access to global talent 24/7

Outsourcing allows you to access a wide range of expert managed IT professionals outside your company that can also provide round-the-clock managed IT support and services.

Cost savings

Partnering with managed IT outsourcing provider can reduce your hiring expenses, allow you to access specialized talent at competitive rates, and save on infrastructure costs or invest in larger facilities and resources.

Risk Mitigation

Outsourcing managed IT services can reduce the risks that a business may face during the development process, such as problems with the workflow, delays, and technical issues.

Facilitate growth

Fast growth often requires the rapid acquisition of skilled talent, which an managed IT outsourcing service can provide at demand to work on projects. It allows businesses to expand their workforce and tackle new initiatives quickly.

Meet your constant challenges with Pathway’s constant support

Pathway’s managed IT support and services, NetPulse Services, offers a full suite of end-user business processes and technical IT support services that help you save money and improve customer care. Our experienced team of experts can help you build the ideal IT solution within your budget and deliver it on time.

Managed It Support Services

Professionals trained in ITIL v3 with the latest certifications

ISO 9001:2015 certified quality management systems and processes

24/7/365 support and services

Our Services

IT Outsourcing

Save up to 60% on your IT costs with Pathway’s IT Outsourcing Services. Our solution provides all the support, expertise, and resources you need to thrive in today’s fast-paced digital landscape.

IT Auditing Services

Mitigate risk and optimize performance with Pathway’s IT Audits. Our solution provides comprehensive IT Auditing Services to help your organization optimize its IT infrastructure, enhance security, and maintain compliance.

IT Help Desk Services

Empower your business and customers seamless and reliable IT Help Desk solutions to meet the unique challenges of your business. Our expertise in the field empowers organizations to overcome every challenge, ensuring smooth operations and satisfied customers.

Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Application Services

Streamline and optimize your business operations with Pathway’s comprehensive range of ERP Cloud Hosting Services. We provide end-to-end, fully managed IT services and certified hosted ERP solutions for a diverse ERP application portfolio, including leading platforms such as SAP and Oracle.

Why Pathway?

Pathway’s powerful on-site and remote management, backup, and monitoring solutions help you focus better on the strategic objectives of your business. Our industry-best knowledge base, tools, technologies, and around-the-clock service and surveillance can meet the constant challenges of your business with more efficiency and speed.

Work seamlessly

All our managed IT support services are designed to pass through our Tier III certified and SOC 2 Type II compliant data centre built for ultimate reliability, security, and privacy. Backups are installed at every level to ensure your infrastructure never goes down. If there is an interruption, you won’t notice. Our backups take over in seconds. We also proactively maintain and replace systems to avoid ‘wear and tear’ failures. Be at ease knowing your data is being safeguarded 24x7x365 by us.

Achieve ultimate network security

Our engineers monitor your services around the clock and resolve alerts quickly. Your connection to the internet is monitored every 3 minutes, and the infrastructure is protected with a real-time intrusion prevention and detection system. Your operating systems are patched, data is backed up, and applications are taken care of around the clock.

Stay informed always

Get full oversight over your services with detailed reports and real-time dashboards frequently. Review statistics anytime to get a holistic view of your IT operations. Understand what Pathway does behind the scenes every day to keep your business operating smoothly.

Meet your demands instantly

We always meet your service level requirements. A Service Delivery Manager will be assigned as your single point of contact and will keep you informed about your services to ensure that we meet your expectations. If you have new requirements, they will be addressed too.

Evolve together

Consult our experts anytime to find new ways to improve your business. Pathway can develop new ideas, analyze reports, and audit your systems to see what changes will benefit you and your customers the most.

What our customer says

It has been a lifesaver having a Managed Services provider like Pathway to address our infrastructure hosting and management requirements. Before we engaged Pathway to help us, our IT infrastructure was a major impediment to our business stability and staff productivity.

Shiv SidhuIT Manager - Calvista LLP