CloudPathTM DRaaS

Seamless Replication for Physical, Virtual & Hybrid Workloads

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If a single server or your entire site goes down, Pathway’s CloudPathTM DRaaS solution keeps your critical operations running with no visible impact to end users.

Your DRaaS platform is hosted in our state of the art Tier III & PCI certified data centre and built on the latest VMWare Enterprise stack. Customizable RTO, RPO and SLA’s are your organizations insurance policy against downtime and costly data loss while maintaining continuity of workloads with automatic failovers and near zero interruption of service.

CloudPath DRaaS

How DRaaS protects your organization from downtime

DNS to DR Host

Virtual or physical workloads are instantly replicated to your secondary hot site hosted in Pathway`s tier 3 data centre.

CloudPath DRaaS is designed for instantaneous, automatic failover with next to no noticeable interruption of service and supports virtual – virtual, physical – virtual, physical – physical or hybrid environments.


Monthly: – # of replication licenses (per system + target system) – All resources and storage, colocation fees (if needed for hybrid or physical environments)

Additional: – Hardware (if needed for physical – physical replication) – Annual DR testing

Recovery Time


DRaaS: ~Instantaneous