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A revolution in IT management & corporate productivity

OnePath is your portal to powerful enterprise-grade tools that you can access from the dashboard with a click of a button. Stay informed about your existing services and subscribe to new tools included with your corporate services. We have also made it really easy to get in touch with us through the platform. Looking to upgrade your services? Submit a request and we will get back to you right away.



Drill into your network

Monitor your connection health by the device number or by the location. Whether it is the main connection to your office or a back-up connection, you can now view performance and usage status for all lines from one single page. Toggle back and forth to compare your weekly, monthly, and yearly data usage. Now, you can even receive alerts straight to your inbox. Setup customized threshold alerts to send a notification based on usage patterns. With the OnePath usage reports you now have the right data at your disposal to help you make decisions and plan for future growth.



Eyes on your Servers

If you are hosting your servers in our Pathway’s Tier III data centre, you can now keep a close eye on bandwidth usage. We monitor your connection every 3 minutes and provide you with a graphical tool to visualize the volume of data your server has uploaded or downloaded from a remote host. Through OnePath, you can easily monitor the evolution of this volume over the week, month or even the entire year to detect any abnormal usage and ensure you’ve got enough pipe to get the job done.


Firewall Reports

Get your firewall reports straight from OnePath. If you don’t have a firewall set up, you can easily purchase one through the portal. With managed firewalls, our team of experts proactively monitors your systems and network for threats, and prevents issues from affecting your daily operations so you can work worry free.

Firewall Reports


Secure Data Storage

Activate your cloud storage through OnePath with a click of a button. Start by dragging and dropping files into your personal drive or shared corporate space and stay organized. Use advanced settings to manage your users, roles and work spaces. Everything you drag and drop is encrypted, ensuring no unauthorized access to files. You can even share confidential files with partners securely and professionally. Sharing files is a breeze through a web link that can be protected with a password, number of downloads or set the link to expire after a period you choose.

Included for all Business Internet and Colocation subscriptions:

Storig 1 1 GB personal space for 3 users 20 GB of shared space among the 3 users


Web and Email Hosting

Activate your web and email hosting services through OnePath. With your existing Pathway subscription, you can host your corporate website and corporate mailboxes at no extra cost. Now, through the portal you can directly access your hosting platform with a single click – no username or passwords needed. Need to setup a new domain or transfer your existing domain to Pathway’s data centre? No problem. Activate your service and a technician will walk you through the migration process.

Included for all Business Internet and Colocation subscriptions:

Host 1 included 1 domain 2 GB web space 40 corporate mailboxes 50 GB mail storage



See the full list of features that come standard with your HostPath account here.



Big Data Analytics

We have partnered with analytics firm Pifiq to bring you this powerful, web-based data visualization tool that will make sense of your big data sets. If you have large sets of data in hand in the form of spreadsheets or databases, get ready to visualize and find trends in your data. Measure and analyze everything and stay ahead when it comes to giving your customer what they want before they create a demand.


Deep Penetration Testing

A Network Penetration Test provides an in-depth evaluation of your systems or networks from an attacker’s perspective. You get detailed analysis of the target systems or network using a combination of tools and manual methods to identify as many network-level flaws as possible. Choose from a surface, intermediate or a deep scan. A PDF report presents the findings and details all discovered risks together with suggested remediation strategies.

Included for all Business Internet and Colocation subscriptions:

Included 1 surface scan per month



Network Check

Net Check Test your network connectivity from your location. This app allows you to ping the Pathway data centre and see a visual representation of how quickly your traffic reaches us.

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One Click Downloads

Download and manage your monthly reports and invoices from a single portal. Get your firewall and pentest reports from within their own apps. For invoices, you can go back to as far as you need.

Stay Notified

You will receive messages when a new product or promotion has been released along with updates on any request you submit through OnePath. Just check the messages off when you’re done reading.

Stay Alert

Besides receiving alerts for exceeding your bandwidth and data usage limit, you can now get daily mail statistics on the number of viruses and spams we blocked on your behalf. Pathway guards your mailbox 24×7.

Self-Serve Scaling

Want to upgrade your existing services? Submit your request straight from the portal. Just shift the slider to choose your new plan and click upgrade.