Endpoint Guardian

Backups for Desktop, Server & Business Apps

Endpoint Guardian

Pathway Communications offers Endpoint Guardian

Endpoint Guardian is Pathway Communications’ flexible and reliable solution for all your data protection needs. It securely backs up desktops, laptops, servers, and critical business applications. Our solution combines on-premise and cloud storage targets to create a highly reliable 3-2-1 system for data security. With our web portal, restoration is easy and accessible from anywhere. Our restore-to-any feature quickly reconstructs your old machine on brand-new hardware or as a virtual machine in case of hardware failure.

  • Flexible data protection solution
  • Reliable data security
  • Easy restoration
  • Quick recovery
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Endpoint Guardian Backup

Endpoint Guardian Backup provides secure cloud-only data storage, encrypted and secured in an offsite facility. This means that your data is protected and easily accessible from anywhere. With our solution, you can restore your data to any device, providing you with flexibility and peace of mind.

Cloud Guardian

Backup: 8+ hours

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Endpoint Guardian Backup D/R

Cloud Guardian

HOT D/R: < 4 Hours

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