Managed Business Internet Services

Reliable, stable, resilient and secure connection options for your business. Pathway’s managed Business Internet services and Networking solutions comes in a range of connection types: Fibre, FTTN/DSL, ADSL and Ethernet over Copper with speeds up to 10 Gbps across Canada. Pathway Network Engineers architect and monitor all connections, customized to fit your specific needs. No matter how complex, our focus is providing fast, secure and redundant connectivity to your business. Our 20 years of expertise as an ISP means we can streamline your communications by building a network that unifies users located in multiple offices, in different cities. The best part of Pathway’s managed Business Internet Connections is that your connection is fully managed and monitored 24×7 to ensure maximum uptime, backed by an SLA. Join some of the largest commercial enterprises and government branches in Canada who enjoy the most reliable business broadband network in Canada.

Networking | WAN | LAN

Converge your networks for all your locations across Canada with MPLS, Ethernet or Point-to-Point Networks.

Managed Business Internet Connections

Fibre, ADSL, FTTN or T1 to build the best performing, redundant connection that fits your business need.

Business Continuity

Add a network contingency plan and seamlessly failover to a wireless, ADSL, or FTTN connection. Leave no room for downtime.

Business Internet Connections with Advanced Security and Reliability.

Just the way it should be.

Pathway’s Managed Business Internet Services gives you many ways to stay connected. Regardless of how you choose to build your network, you get premier managed business internet services and undivided attention to keep your business performing at high speeds around the clock. We have pushed our managed business internet services even further to ensure you get your own dedicated account manager, provide remote troubleshooting and have 24×7 support available to assist you when you need them the most.

All managed Business Internet Connections Packages come with the following:

Support when needed most

On-site installation is included with all business connectivity plans. If you have any questions or experience any technical difficulties, our 24×7 support is available by email, phone and chat. 90% of all our technical support calls are answered in 24 seconds by a live agent.

Connection Monitored 24×7

To ensure your business never suffers from an unexpected downtime or service degradation, all your connections with Pathway are monitored 24×7. Any anomalies detected in your traffic trends triggers an alert to our NOC engineers who closely monitor the issue and keep you informed.

Resiliency & Reliability

Pathway’s managed business internet connection solutions are built with self-healing properties and are routed through our Tier III certified facility for maximum network redundancy and 99.5% uptime guarantee. Whether you chose to build a hybrid connection or combine many connections, our business internet services are bound by industry-leading SLAs.

Corporate Portal

Get transparency into the health of your managed business internet connections. Compare your weekly, monthly, and yearly usage. Set auto alerts for high volume traffic or a drop in connection. We even built in short-cuts to productivity apps, accessible with a click of a button. Learn more about the corporate portal


A Free CloudPath Hyper-V cloud server based on the Microsoft Azure platform is included with all managed business internet connections. Use this for disaster recovery; host or backup critical applications in our Tier III Data Centre for guaranteed uptime. Get your free cloud Server

Remote Monitoring & Management

MySmartOffice is an enterprise application that provides 24/7 touch-less remote monitoring and management for servers and desktops. Receive vital insights into your infrastructure and quickly remediate issues from the secure MySmartOffice portal. Get your free licenses today.

Networking | WAN | LAN

Converge multiple locations across Canada into one secure network

MPLS Network

Build complex secure networks A fully redundant MPLS network provides advanced performance, reliability, flexibility and security to businesses that rely on a complex corporate network to support mission critical real-time applications, multimedia and performance-sensitive traffic. An MPLS setup provides a secure transport environment for a closed user group, extending an existing enterprise network and enhancing the ability to interconnect new locations simply and efficiently. Consolidate voice, data and internet traffic onto one network and choose how you want to prioritize traffic for individual applications across the network. Choose how you want to connect between locations: remote client-to-site or site-to-site VPN. Based on your network requirements, our solution engineers will architect a MPLS solution that delivers performance and guarantees availability. The MPLS network is a self-healing architecture, if connectivity is lost at any time, data is rapidly re-routed to another path. Ideal for:
  • Canadian or U.S. based multinational companies with global locations
  • Highly confidential or business critical back-office applications for multiple locations
  • Private hybrid cloud implementations
  • Companies (including financial institutions) looking to communicate from Canada to locations outside of North America
  • Customers deploying private global networks (voice, data, video)
  • Customers migrating from Frame Relay to MPLS
Build a secure private network using MPLS

Ethernet Point-to-Point Network

Your own private connection Build a highly secure, private connection between any two points on your network for a fraction of the cost with dedicated bandwidth at speeds between 2 Mbps and 10 Gbps between two locations. Connect your LANs and WANs into one network. Securely unify your offices and increase collaboration and productivity across the sites. Make data and app sharing between departments and sites effortless and seamless. Ideal for businesses that:
  • Require large amount of data exchange between sites
  • Require secure transfer of mission-critical data
  • Government, Health, or Education sector sites looking to unify to one network
  • Require a secure centralized data storage platform
  • Customers deploying private global networks (voice, data, video)
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning
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Managed Business Internet Connections

Fast, reliable connections for high performance

Fibre Optic Internet

Do more faster This rigorously engineered, robust, high-capacity service with several levels of built-in redundancy, provides seamless inter-networking as well as the ability to connect distributed locations in a secure, highly reliable form. We use Canada’s largest Fibre Optic Network to support critical applications and high volume usage. Make large file transfers, join high quality video conferences and use business apps with ease. Eliminate interference and signal degradation. Fibre is also immune to issues that affect copper-based lines, including temperature changes and electrical fires. Available in fully symmetrical and dedicated speeds from 10 Mbps and up to 10 Gbps, with unlimited data transfer and multiple static IP addresses with comprehensive Service Level Guarantee. Ideal for businesses that use:
  • Real-time applications across different branch locations
  • Online back-up
  • Access to remote, central databases
  • Multimedia networking and video seminars
  • Hospital remote diagnostics and image transfer
  • Video surveillance
  • Inter-location IP telephony (VoIP)
  • Electronic banking and payments
Connect your business securely through Fibre Optic

ADSL & FTTN Internet

Add resiliency to your business The best mix of price, reliability and speed. Get high-speed FTTN (Fibre to the Node) with speeds up to 50 Mbps down and 10 Mbps up. With DSL, get up to 6 Mbps up and 800 Kbps down using our highly cost-effective “bonded” ADSL service. Bond multiple lines for faster internet and a backup solution for business continuity. For example, bond 4 ADSL lines to form a single connection for speeds up to 24 Mbps down and 3.2 Mbps up. If a line fails, the other lines still provide access. For added redundancy, we offer business internet connections through multiple carriers with auto-failover. Ideal for businesses that:
  • Require affordable internet options to get all sites online
  • Need to safeguard a network with redundant ADSL connections
Bond up to 4 ADSL line to increase speeds
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T1 Connection

High quality and dependable If you need unlimited high-speed Internet access with a router, loop, security and several important security features built-in, Pathway provides the most complete T1 solutions in the GTA. Backed by a leading service level guarantee – get secure, reliable and dedicated bandwidth speeds up to 1.5 Mbps both upstream and downstream to your business via a high-quality digital line. You can bond multiple lines for added bandwidth. The T1 line comes with hassle-free onsite installation and 24/7 management of the connection and router. Experience fast upload and download speeds for your business – available anywhere, even where DSL and fibre don’t go. Ideal for businesses that:
  • Require substantial upstream speeds or fully symmetrical access
  • Need to host servers
  • Require superior call quality compared to analogue lines
  • Interested in virtual private networking or telecommuting
  • Demand service guarantees for their Internet connectivity
  • Outside the reach of ADSL or Fibre based solutions
  • Looking for a reliable backup option to your main connection
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Get a Reliable High-Speed Business Internet Connection in Toronto

Do you have reliable managed business internet connection in Toronto or Greater Toronto Area (GTA) office? As a business, you need to have a stable, secure, and managed business internet connections. Your customers count on it. That’s why it’s a good idea to choose Pathway Communications for business internet connections in Toronto, GTA. You will also get faster connection speeds at the best price in the market.

Business Continuity Solution

Never experience downtime

Backup Wireless

Never experience downtime For clients who are unable to obtain land-based ADSL broadband access, Pathway also offers Wireless Internet Access. This always-on Internet technology is a fast, reliable alternative to ADSL, Fibre and T1. This means increased performance, efficiency, reliability and productivity for your business. Pathway’s Wireless Internet access is available with full duplex symmetrical speeds of up to 100 Mbps. You have the option to get your connectivity through various carriers, including Rogers, Bell and Telus. Ideal for businesses that:
  • Remote sites that do not have land-based copper or Fibre coverage
  • Require a back-up method of access for your fibre or ADSL connections.
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