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How email hosting can transform your business

In today’s digital age, effective communication is essential for the success of any business. Pathway offers email hosting services in Canada that can elevate your business communication to new heights. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, email hosting can revolutionize the way you interact with clients, collaborate with team members, and manage your business operations.

Here are some ways email hosting can transform your business:

Professional image

With email hosting, you can create custom email addresses using your own domain name, such as info@yourbusiness.com. This not only gives your business a more professional image but also builds trust and credibility among your clients and partners.

Data security

Email hosting providers prioritize data security, implementing robust measures to protect your sensitive information. Advanced encryption, secure servers, and spam filtering technologies ensure that your emails are secure and protected from cyber threats.

Enhanced collaboration

Email hosting services often come with collaboration tools, such as shared calendars, address books, and task management. These features enable seamless collaboration among team members, improving productivity and streamlining workflows.

Backup and disaster recovery

Email hosting services often include regular backups of your email data, protecting you from data loss due to hardware failures, natural disasters, or accidental deletions. In the event of a disruption, you can quickly restore your emails and continue business operations seamlessly.

Mobile access

With email hosting, you can access your emails from any device, including smartphones and tablets. This flexibility enables you to stay connected and respond to important emails on the go, enhancing your business agility and responsiveness.

Scalability and flexibility

As your business grows, email hosting allows you to easily scale your email infrastructure to meet the increasing demands. You can add new email accounts, allocate storage space, and adjust settings effortlessly, ensuring that your email system evolves with your business needs.


Your reliable solution for enterprise email

Built on Microsoft Exchange, Pathway’s MyExchange provides your business with an enterprise-class managed Exchange infrastructure, delivering unparalleled reliability, security, and performance. It ensures uninterrupted communication with your workforce and customers by guaranteeing 99.999% availability, real-time replication, geographical redundancy, and robust security.

Our email hosting solution disaster-proofs your communications and ensures business continuity with great flexibility and scalability. Trust us to deliver an exceptional email hosting experience tailored to the needs of your business.

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Solutions for businesses of all sizes




Mailbox space up to 25GB*
Public folder space up to 1GB*
2 No. of email aliases
Email under your domain
50 MB Max attachment size
30 Days Backup retention time




Mailbox space up to 50GB*
Public folder space up to 3GB*
5 No. of email aliases
Email under your domain
50 MB Max attachment size
60 Days Backup retention time




Mailbox space up to 100GB*
Public folder space up to 4GB*
8 No. of email aliases
Email under your domain
50 MB Max attachment size
90 Days Backup retention time

Features you’ll love

Large mailbox sizes

Spacious mailboxes reduce the need for constant management and allow seamless access to emails from any device, eliminating the hassle of dealing with .PST files.

Custom mailboxes

Build trust with your customers using personalized email addresses like yourname@domain.com, creating a professional image for your business.

Microsoft Outlook 2010 client

Included with all packages, the full-featured Outlook 2010 client offers a comprehensive email experience valued at $199.

Outlook Web App (OWA)

Access and manage your mailbox from any browser, providing convenient and secure access to your emails anytime, anywhere.

Public folder

Ample shared space for collaboration and easy sharing of resources among you and your colleagues.

Daily data backup

Rest easy knowing that your mailbox data is backed up daily, ensuring the protection and recoverability of your important information.

Backup retention

Accidentally-deleted data can be quickly restored, thanks to the daily backup of your mailbox, minimizing the risk of data loss.

Productivity and collaboration tools

Boost productivity and enhance collaboration with shared contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and a global address book.

Active Directory integration (AD Sync)

Effortlessly manage user accounts with easy login and synchronization of contact information, passwords, and other user-related data.


Access your mailbox on the go and synchronize email, contacts, calendars, tasks, and notes seamlessly across your handheld and mobile devices.

Data loss prevention (DLP)

Maintain complete visibility and safeguard sensitive data by monitoring storage and sharing activities within your organization.

Real-time on-demand reports

Easily modify mailbox settings and access detailed usage reports through a user-friendly web portal without requiring technical expertise.

Enterprise management console

Efficiently manage users and emails with ease and security through a centralized management console, simplifying administrative tasks.

Virus and spam filtering (user customizable)

Stay protected with comprehensive, customizable security measures, including multi-layered anti-virus, anti-spam, anti-spyware, and anti-phishing protection.

Email aliases

Efficiently organize emails related to different functions by consolidating them into a single inbox or using aliases as auto-forwarders.

50 MB attachment size

Send large files or multiple files within a single email with generous attachment size limits, enabling seamless communication.

24/7/365 customer support

Our friendly and responsive customer support team is available via chat, phone, or email, providing assistance whenever you need it, 24 hours a day.

Why choose Pathway

Ease of access and control

Access your email, calendars, contacts, and tasks from any device, with content automatically synchronized across all your devices. Modify mailbox settings and access usage reports effortlessly through our user-friendly web portal.

Secure on Canadian soil

Rest assured that your email is protected and stored exclusively on Canadian soil. Our certified firewalls and intrusion detection systems ensure the security of your data. Your email is not subject to the U.S. PATRIOT Act and can only be accessed with your permission.

Expert support, effortless migration

Our dedicated technology team will seamlessly set up email accounts for your entire team, ensuring a smooth transition without any downtime. Our friendly and responsive support is available 24/7 via chat, phone, or email.

99.99% uptime guarantee

Enjoy uninterrupted access to your email, calendars, and contacts around the clock, even during adverse situations like weather or power outages. Our daily backups ensure that your data can be quickly restored if accidentally deleted.

Cost savings

Eliminate the hassle and expense of managing your own Exchange servers. MyExchange provides all the essential features at a fraction of the cost of in-house solutions.

Peace of mind

Rest easy knowing that your Exchange service is hosted on fully redundant infrastructure in our Tier III certified and SOC 2 Type II compliant Canadian data center. Our certified engineers monitor and manage the system 24/7, ensuring your peace of mind.