Why Pathway?

Pathway Communications is a unified, one-stop managed services provider. Broad technology mastery means unmatched management that lets you move faster and more effectively. Migration, engineering, monitoring, patching, reporting and scaling. All under one roof.

Who chose us?

One-stop shop

Build and move faster

Experts on call

Loyal customers

Your growth is good for everyone

Our data centre is our home

One-stop shop

Ownership and mastery, from facilities to technology and management

Simplified management

A single provider can help you build, run and manage your IT infrastructure. You no longer have to scramble to find in-house resources or have your services managed by different third parties. Pathway has mastered it all – internet, data centre, cloud, communications, and disaster recovery.

Relevant to your business

Customize, design, migrate and deploy solutions that meet your needs. You’re assigned a dedicated Account Manager and an engineering team who will walk you through everything. Solutions are designed to provide a clear ROI for your mandates, growth, compliance and risk mitigation.

Full visibility

Visibility is everything when navigating a business. Your company’s technology should help you achieve your goals. Reports, portals and regularly scheduled meetings keep you informed about your service usage while we work with you to identify risks and opportunities, and help shape the service around your business. We help you understand what you’re using and why. Our engineers look ahead and provide you with specific guidance and a roadmap.

Reasons to chose Pathway

Pathway is a “Full Stack Provider.” That means there is control on every technology layer, from connectivity and networks, through to storage and compute resources, all the way up to a managed services team that orchestrates and builds it all for you.

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Build and move faster

Structured in small teams empowered for agility and speed. Trusted by over 1500 global businesses.

Tailored to your needs

Flexibility, speed and choice help your business grow and innovate. Our analysts are engineers and they work closely with you to tune solutions to the specifications of your business. Want to test drive a solution? No problem. Get started.

Ahead of the curve

Ownership of infrastructure means more power to make quicker decisions compared to a larger firm. Fewer layers mean you don’t have to wait long for us to make a decision critical to your business.

Smart minds don’t bill for every little interaction

Our army of experts are mobile and can take immediate, proactive actions to solve every little issue that comes up. To ensure your business is up and running, our experts remain focused and take full ownership of your problems. They watch your systems closely, not the clock, when they work with you.

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Experts on call

Fast and disciplined response

Experts are only useful when they’re available. That’s why Pathway is held to stringent standards on availability, quality and response times. Audits and certifications for ISO 9001:2015 processes and ITIL® v3 best practices means infrastructure is monitored and your services are supported 24x7x365. External standards and audits mean legitimacy. There’s always someone at the other end of the line, within seconds, and with the right skills to help you get the job done.
95 percent response rate
100 percent response rate

95% calls answered within 60 seconds.

95% first call resolutions for product support.

100% calls returned within 48 hours for every ticket created and closed.

100% response rate to emails within 120 minutes.

* ITIL is a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited.

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Loyal clients

A company with a heart and safe hands

Customer Loyalty

Trusted for a long time

On average, each client has been with Pathway for over 7.5 years. A very large portion, 32% of our corporate clients, have been with us for well over 11 years. We know how to stay relevant, innovative and forward-thinking in a very challenging and fast-paced industry.

Customers from different industries

We’re experienced with providing managed services to customers from a wide range of industries. Since 2008, we have been awarded with the Consumers’ Choice Award for Business Excellence as the most outstanding managed service provider in the Greater Toronto Area. Need proof? Read some of our case studies to see how we’ve helped.

Customers of all sizes

For two decades, we’ve been helping customers from every industry, ranging from small start-ups to big enterprises. We know what it takes to build IT solutions and have the wisdom of an IT company that’s been through it all.

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Your growth is good for everyone

We want to play a part in your success

Very practical

You will not be charged for every little interaction we have. Pathway is here to to help you grow. Your growth is good for you, for us, for the community, and the economy. If you want to have a conversation or discuss a new idea, let’s make it happen.

Rich relationships

Build strong, rich and direct relationships with your provider and enjoy the type of support most businesses can only hope for. Expectations shouldn’t end at a sale. The attention you get during a sales process remains the same throughout your entire journey at Pathway.

Greater transparency

Your business is closely monitored and informed at all times. We are really obsessed with numbers and want to make sure your business benefits from the insights we provide.

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Pathway’s Tier III data centre

We treat it like our home

In 2009, we took a leap into the unknown by building Canada’s first Tier III certified data centre. The Pathway owned and operated facility was designed with reliability, security and privacy in mind.

Get privacy and proximity for your business

Canadian and private

Our data centre is nestled right near Toronto, beyond the reach of U.S. laws so you don’t have to worry about the USA Patriot Act. Your data doesn’t leave Canadian soil. Get all the privacy and proximity you need to secure your business. We offer secure cabinets, private data suites and data segregation.

Certified security for your data

Certified secure

In business, trust doesn’t come easy. All of our services are designed to pass through our Tier III data centre backed up with ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 certification and SOC 2 Type II compliancy for the ultimately reliability, security and privacy. Your data is protected 24x7x365 by perimeter alarms, biometric authentication, video surveillance, firewalls and intrusion systems. The same degree of care is applied to our hiring practices.

We ensure Reliability and uptime

Reliability and uptime

We have backups at every level to ensure your infrastructure never goes down. We built in multiple levels of redundancy for power, cooling, disaster recovery and networks. Everything is backed by customer-focused SLAs and a minimum 99.9% uptime guarantee. Our SLAs and delivery capabilities are practical and real – we don’t claim unrealistic uptimes like 100% with a long list of exceptions. Want to find out how we’ve built our data centre and our redundancies, contact or visit us.

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