Migrate to Cloud and elevate your SAP experience

How Pathway Streamlines Your SAP Cloud Migration Process

Considering a move to the Cloud for your SAP applications? Embracing Cloud migration can provide enhanced scalability, reliability, and speed while removing traditional on-premise setups’ limitations.

Once you decide to pursue SAP Cloud migration, the next step is selecting a trusted partner to facilitate this transition.

Pathway has developed a platform tailored to manage complex, mission-critical enterprise applications, offering SAP Cloud migration services. Our team of experts has substantial experience with SAP applications, enabling your organization to benefit from improved performance and availability, cost reductions, and exceptional security.

Embarking on an SAP cloud migration journey can be a complex and challenging endeavour. At Pathway, we understand the importance of a smooth and efficient transition. Our streamlined SAP cloud migration process is designed to simplify the journey, addressing each stage of migration with a customer-focused approach. Leveraging our expertise, we help you navigate the migration landscape with ease, ensuring your business benefits from a seamless and successful SAP cloud migration experience.

Compatibility Assessment

We evaluate the compatibility of your SAP applications, databases, and operating systems with our infrastructure, providing support for upgrades as necessary.

Storage Sizing

Based on your business plans, we help determine the appropriate storage size for your needs, allowing for future growth as required.

Optimal Location Selection

We discuss our data center server location options, giving you the opportunity to choose a location in close proximity to your business.

Service Customization

While clients can select the services they need, many often opt for a combination of SAP data migration services and support services.

Planning and Budgeting

Comprehensive planning ensures a smoother Cloud migration process. We provide cost estimates and outline the value generated for your business.

Rigorous Testing

We verify that our infrastructure supports your operating system and conduct thorough testing, as this crucial step requires a significant time investment.


Upon completion of the above steps, we deliver a tailored SAP Cloud migration plan and process that is customized to your unique business ecosystem.

Benefits Of Moving Your Sap Application To Pathway's Cloud

Enhanced Security Measures

Cloud computing is designed to deliver exceptional data security. We employ various encryption techniques, access control, extensive testing, and network hardening to significantly reduce or eliminate data leakage risks.

Superior Scalability

Migrating SAP applications to the Cloud grants access to unlimited capacity and performance resources, enabling system scalability to adapt to fluctuating workloads.

Increased Availability

Hosted private Clouds facilitate instant access to applications, data, and other resources for employees, regardless of location or time.

Greater Resiliency

Disaster recovery systems and replicated storage offer enhanced control over critical data compared to hardware equivalents, ensuring high availability and business continuity. Cloud-based solutions are also more cost-effective and easier to set up. A server crash no longer equates to data corruption, and utilizing multiple Cloud providers can further reduce data loss risks.

Compliance Assurance

Your critical infrastructure is maintained in our secure, world-class Tier-III, SOC 2 compliant, and ISO 27001 certified data center, adhering to security and compliance standards such as HIPAA and other regulations.

Improved IT Efficiency

Hosted private Clouds enable more efficient execution of various IT tasks. Data center backups, which can be labour-intensive and time-consuming, can be automated in a hosted private Cloud environment.

Making SAP migration to Cloud more efficient, economical, and resilient than ever

Pathway Communications is revolutionizing SAP migration to the Cloud, making it more efficient, economical, and resilient than ever before. Our team of experts works diligently to ensure a seamless transition, optimizing your SAP infrastructure for maximum performance and cost savings. With advanced security measures, superior scalability, and unparalleled resiliency, we empower your business to thrive better in the digital age. Choose Pathway Communications and experience the future of SAP cloud migration today.