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SAP migration to cloud is more efficient, more economical, and more resilient than ever before.

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Are you thinking of moving SAP to the cloud? If your goal is to take advantage of improved scalability, reliability, and speed, or a desire to step away from the traditional on-premise setup, it’s time for SAP to cloud migration.

And once you’ve made the strategic decision that NOW is the time for SAP cloud migration, it’s time to make the next choice: who do you trust to make that change happen?

Having built a platform for handling complex, mission-critical enterprise applications, Pathway offers SAP cloud migration services. Our experts have extensive experience working directly with SAP applications, which means you can get better performance and availability, cost reductions, and unparalleled security.



As per Forbes prediction in their 2018 report:

’83% of enterprise workloads were to be in the cloud by 2020. 41% of which were to be on public cloud, 20% on the private cloud, and another 22% on hybrid cloud platforms by 2020.’

We are halfway through 2020, and as per an industry report:

’48% & 29% of workloads are already on the public & private cloud respectively.’

Enterprises that opt for SAP migration services, see the following benefits

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    An added layer of security
    Cloud computing aims to provide exceptional data security. Providers use various encryption techniques, access control, extensive testing, and network hardening, which can significantly reduce or eliminate data leakage risks. It should be mentioned that the on-premise SAP deployment model provides the highest level of security as well.
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    Improved scalability
    When you move SAP applications to the cloud, you access unlimited capacity and performance resources that allow you to scale the system up or down depending on the current workload.
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    Higher availability
    The hosted private cloud provides the employees these cloud-enabled businesses with instant access to apps, data, and other resources anywhere, anytime.
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    Disaster recovery systems and replicated storage give much more control over critical data than their hardware equivalents, thus providing high availability and business continuity. Moreover, they are cheaper and easier to set up in the cloud. A crashed server will no longer result in corrupted data. Companies can also combine several cloud providers to avoid the risks of data loss.
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    Your critical infrastructure is maintained in cloud, all within a secure world-class Tier-III, SOC 2 compliant, and ISO 27001 certified data centre with security and compliance standards as HIPAA and other regulations.
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    IT Efficiency
    Many IT tasks can be conducted more efficiently in a hosted private cloud. Data center backups can be incredibly labor-intensive and time-consuming. In a hosted private cloud, data backups can be automated.
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Ease the process of SAP migration to cloud At Pathway, we follow the below steps for seamless SAP cloud migration:

  • Checking compatibility: We review the compatibility of your SAP applications, databases, and operating systems with our infrastructure, and we support upgrades as well.
  • The storage size: We study your business plans and give you an idea of whether you need to purchase more storage. So, you get the exact size you need now, and then grow whenever necessary.
  • Choosing the right location: Here, we discuss our data center server location options and give you a preference to select a location close to where you are.
  • Selecting the service: It’s up to our clients to choose the services they need. However, most of our clients often opt for SAP data migration services & support services together.
  • Planning & Budgeting: The better the plan, the easier the cloud migration process would be. Here we give you predictions on costs and what value it will generate for your business.
  • Testing: We make sure our infrastructure supports your OS and test them frequently as it takes up a lot of time. Hence, it is an integral part of the migration process.
  • Ready to go: After all the above steps are completed, we provide a complete SAP cloud migration plan and process customized to your ecosystem.

Migrating SAP applications to the cloud provides financial rewards, benefits to your infrastructure, and elevated levels of flexibility for your desired functions, all combined with low operating costs

Interested in migrating your SAP into the cloud? Let us help You!

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