Save up to 60% on your SAP IT support

SAP Support Maintenance Services

Are you facing challenges with forced upgrades, slow responses, and incomplete resolutions from your current SAP support provider? Are the high annual costs for SAP support causing concern?

Optimizing your SAP installation and connected business processes can significantly enhance user satisfaction and overall business results. Outsourcing SAP support services can be a cost-effective way to boost efficiency without the expense of maintaining an in-house team.

At Pathway, we provide straightforward SAP support and maintenance services and SAP IT support services for all SAP IT products. Our SAP services can help you save up to 60% on your current support costs while delivering high-quality support for any version of SAP you are using.

Providing SAP support services for all versions, customizations, and areas of the SAP products

BASIS Administration
SAP Business Suite
Business Objects

How Pathway's SAP IT Support Services can revolutionize your business

Significant Cost Savings

  • Benefit from up to 60% savings on your current SAP support services costs.
  • Collaborate with us to identify and decommission unused software for further savings.
  • Achieve additional savings by avoiding unnecessary upgrades, patches, and maintenance.

24/7 Expert SAP Support

  • Receive round-the-clock SAP IT support, accompanied by a dedicated account manager and regular reporting.
  • Benefit from response and resolution SLAs for all ticket categories, surpassing standard SAP support.
  • Access multiple delivery locations staffed by highly skilled, qualified, and experienced consultants.

Empower Business Growth

  • Retain control over upgrades, as we support all versions and customizations of SAP.
  • Implement patches swiftly, within hours instead of months, without downtime.
  • Leverage our 20+ years of experience in managing and supporting critical applications and workloads.

Our SAP Support Models

Pathway’s SAP support models aim to enhance your internal staff’s overall SAP application support. Our team of professionals possesses the essential knowledge and consultative skills to collaborate effectively with your staff, addressing any gaps within the internal team. We offer a range of managed SAP support services, including:

Full Outsourcing SAP Support Model

In this model, the client defines the deliverables and service level agreements (SLAs). Pathway takes full responsibility for executing the required tasks to achieve the desired outcomes and handling day-to-day support management.

Staff Reinforcement

Pathway supplies a team of highly qualified, trained, and experienced specialists to supplement your existing staff. The client retains control and responsibility for managing daily support activities and ensuring the quality of results.

The Pathway Difference

Features SAP Support Pathway Communications
Service Model Self-service Dedicated Support
Primary support contact Varies Dedicated Support lead with the assigned team
24×7 Support Yes Yes
Support Expertise Varies Over 25 years of experience
Support for Customisations Yes
Support with custom code & design Included
Response Time Days to weeks Hours
Proactive monitoring Yes
Ability to escalate Reactive approach Done proactively without requests
Support for Performance Issues Yes
Interface Support Yes
Interoperability Support Yes
Service Level Agreement (SLA) Yes
Security & Vulnerability Patches Only Full-stack intrusion detection, virtual patching and compensating controls
Advisory Services Premium Fees Included
Monthly Service Reports Yes
Quarterly Account Management Meetings Yes

Understanding Transition Time

The transition time to Pathway support depends on the scope of your SAP project. Our team can transition you to our SAP services within two weeks for smaller projects and up to three months for more extensive SAP projects. Our expert team oversees the migration from your current provider to our services, ensuring a seamless transition. A dedicated transition manager will collaborate with your team to develop a project plan for the transition, minimizing any disruption to your organization.

Mitigating Outsourcing Risks In Sap Support Services

Pathway recognizes that outsourcing a crucial function like SAP support requires diligent risk management and control measures. To effectively address and manage transition and outsourcing risks, we suggest the following strategies:

Initiate outsourcing with low-risk tasks for a limited trial period.

Limit outsourcing to the weekend or after-hours support and staff backfilling.

Allow Pathway to collaborate with your internal team, gradually transitioning the complete workload.

Opt for short-term, medium-term, or long-term staff augmentation as needed.

Implement service desk routing, reporting, and management processes.

Seek assistance in application development and management.