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Are Any Of These Concerns Familiar To You?

Restarting SAP multiple times a day?

Unexpectedly high maintenance costs?

Infrastructure not meeting industry standards?

SAP is the foundation for numerous businesses, with 77% of the world’s transaction revenue interacting with an SAP system. Many enterprises have expanded their SAP environments in recent years. However, has the management of these systems kept pace with this growth?

Maximize your SAP environment’s capabilities with Pathway

Pathway offers a comprehensive SAP hosting infrastructure. Our services encompass expert application management across all deployment environments: on-premise, hosted, private, public, hybrid, and multi-cloud models. Our state-of-the-art infrastructure, certified expertise, and flexible hosting options empower your organization to drive efficiency, agility, and innovation. Don’t let outdated systems hold you back; take advantage of our scalable and secure solutions tailored to your specific needs.

High Availability

Our data center ensures high uptime for your SAP systems, providing consistent access to applications, data, and resources, minimizing downtime and productivity loss.


By hosting your SAP environment in our data center, you can reduce capital and operational expenses related to purchasing, maintaining, and upgrading hardware and IT infrastructure.

Simplified Management

By hosting your SAP environment in our data center, you can centralize the management of your infrastructure, reducing the complexity of your IT operations and allowing your team to focus.

Improved Performance

Our data centers are equipped with cutting-edge technology and resources that optimize the performance of your SAP environment, delivering faster processing times and enhanced user experience.

24/7 Expert Support

Pathway offers round-the-clock support from experienced SAP professionals, ensuring quick issue resolution and minimal disruption to your operations.

5 essential questions to help you determine if Pathway is the suitable managed SAP hosting company for your organization

Infrastructure is crucial when running SAP environments where hardware compatibility requirements are stringent. Whether you are looking for a SAP hosting provider who offers fully managed maintenance and monitoring of your SAP infrastructure and security, or a hybrid solution provider, where they manage the infrastructure while your IT department manages the environment—or even something in between. We know your business needs will likely change over time, so our SAP experts work directly with you to build a comprehensive hosting strategy capable of growing with you.

Can Pathway host your SAP?

Infrastructure is vital when operating SAP environments with strict hardware compatibility requirements. Pathway provides various SAP hosting options to accommodate your evolving business needs. Our SAP experts collaborate with you to develop a comprehensive hosting strategy that can adapt as your organization grows.

Pathway’s flexible SAP hosting options are:

  • Fully managed dedicated servers (in our data center)
  • Single-tenant private cloud (in your own data center or a service provider’s data center)
  • A dedicated server connected to a private or public cloud (hybrid cloud)

Our managed SAP hosting services cover servers, operating systems, storage, backups, networking, and security aspects. Pathway’s architecture is highly available and provides disaster recovery planning and sufficient memory for crucial SAP systems. Our Tier III data center delivers 99.982% uptime, 24x7x365 onsite security, geographical redundancy, and enterprise-grade equipment.

Is Pathway's infrastructure certified and compliant with your SAP?

SAP emphasizes industry certifications and established guidelines for running its hardware in-house or in partner data centers.

Pathway is SAP-certified in HANA Operations, Cloud Operations, and SAP Hosting Services. We undergo regular audits by SAP to maintain compliance with their stringent standards. Our customers’ solutions are hosted in state-of-the-art, geographically dispersed Tier III data centers, ensuring performance, high availability, and scalability.

Does Pathway have prior experience in SAP technology?

Selecting an SAP hosting provider with extensive experience and expertise is essential due to the complex nature of SAP deployment. Pathway has a rich history in application management and SAP cloud hosting. Over the past 25 years, our teams have successfully executed numerous upgrades, migrations, and implementation projects across various industries. Our team members possess expertise across the entire SAP ecosystem, including SAP cloud hosting, SAP basis support, SAP managed security, ABAP, and hosted SAP HANA.

Can Pathway ensure quick restoration?

Backup and availability are crucial for SAP systems, the backbone of many businesses. Pathway employs a combination of on-premise and cloud storage, creating a highly reliable 3-2-1 system for data backup and security. Your data is stored in three locations (two local and one in the cloud) and is accessible via a web portal, simplifying restoration. In case of disaster, the restore-to-any feature quickly reconstructs the old machine on new hardware or as a virtual machine.

Can Pathway rapidly and easily scale your SAP environments?

Pathway’s ecosystem allows for easy scalability by adjusting capacity and adding or removing servers and storage according to client requirements. With a large team of qualified SAP experts, your systems are monitored 24/7, ensuring efficient management and growth.

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