Technical Support Solutions

Technical Support Solutions
For Your Business

Technical Support Solutions
for Your Customers

How important is Technical Customer Support Solution for your business?

After-sales technical support, especially for non-expert end users, is unusually difficult. Generic ‘call centres’, which do not specialize in technology are simply not equipped to deal with the distinctive challenges of this sector. Pathway concentrates solely, and only, on inbound technical customer support solutions. We perform no other administrative or paper-based processing work. For 15 years, this has allowed us to focus on developing the specific skills, tools, processes, systems and applications required to deliver sustained, measurable, profit-impacting results in as little as four months.

Cost Effective, Turnkey Technical Customer Support Solutions

Technical Support Outsourcing is a well established industry that is becoming an essential requirements for most businesses. At Pathway, we simply do it better, using qualified and experienced Canada-based & high value international staff, proven systems and rigorous, ISO based processes.

You obtain immediate and significant benefits in terms of costs, quality, process improvement, and customer satisfaction. Over time, we will even help you increase revenue through improved reputation and new customer acquisitions.

We offer integrated Technical customer support solutions including multichannel customer care, customer facing technical support, back office support, and POS/retail network support accounting services.

Cost Savings

Most of our clients see a minimum 30% to 35% cost reduction when we manage their numerous non-core business processes. These reductions do not include other significant savings in hiring, training, terminations, telecommunications, rent, hardware amortization, management burden, and overhead.

Quality & Process Improvement

We ensure continuous monitoring of the quality of transactions that occur between our agents and our clients’ customers. Measurable quality improvements in response times, error reduction, agent productivity and process documentation, are enforced through industry-leading Service Level Assurance contracts.

Qualified Agents

Our recruitment system includes written tests, interviews and a battery of psychological and language tests. Additionally, we have formalized programs for:

  • The delivery of agent customer service training
  • Product and domain knowledge
  • Accent neutralization for offshore agents
To serve you better, our personnel are ITIL v3 and Six Sigma certified.

Leading-edge Technology

Our service offerings utilize a wide range of voice, data, and network technologies built on industry leading platforms, including advanced telephony applications, CRM, ticketing, remote desktop control, security, and other systems.

Industries Served:

Pathway Technical Customer Support Solutions are designed for businesses of all size and encompass a wide range of technology areas, including cloud, big data analytics, mobility, connectivity, cyber-security and outsourcing. Pathway has experience in delivering quality technical customer support outsourcing solutions for the following industries and cases:

  • Government: public facing application support, back office technical support
  • Network products: routers switches, modems, wireless radios
  • IT equipment: firewalls, IDS/IPS system, storage devices, printers
  • Internet: ISPs – copper, fibre, cable, wireless; VOIP telephony
  • Consumer electronics: CCTV and video cameras; mobile phones
  • Oil and Gas: station pumps, car wash, back office systems
  • Retail: POS systems, payment gateways
  • Custom application software

Key Benefits:

  • 65% increase in service quality in three months
  • 35% reduction in operating costs in six months
  • Reduced time to market. New service ramp-up and changes from 16 weeks to three
  • Increased visibility. Gain insights into understanding the real needs and concerns of customers, retailers, and partners
  • Improved control over systemic drivers of service quality and cost
  • Dramatic increase in accountability through fees based on measured quality, cost, and volume

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