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We’re by your side 24/7 if you need help on cloud computing solutions. Experience CloudPath, a cloud computing solutions for 30 days. Zero risk. No obligations.

Why You Need Managed Cloud Computing Services

  • Reduce your loaded labor costs
  • Unlimited scalability and flexibility
  • Mitigate company risk
  • Managed Cyber security
  • Reduce hardware and upgrade costs
  • Transparent failover options with almost zero downtime.
  • Virtualize your office and increase productivity and business uptime
  • Secure remote access worldwide at anytime
  • Spot and fix problems before you even experience them.
  • SOC 2 and ISO 27001 Compliant
  • Set up a new server from scratch in less than ten minutes?
  • Increase the capacity of your infrastructure by 25% in less than an hour
  • Constantly audited with multiple redundancies
  • On demand, 24/7 – at preferred rates which are at least 30% – 40% less than the market?

Cloud computing services make it easier than ever to access enterprise data

Cloud computing services can give you and your staff the ability to connect to your company servers any time, from anywhere. With more organizations adopting remote working policies, cloud computing services make it easier than ever to access enterprise data.

Working with cloud services providers offers scalability and flexibility

Cloud computing service offers scalability and flexibility. Instead of getting expensive upgrades, we make the equipment investments for you. Free up valuable time and focus on growing your business. We can also ensure enterprise data stays in a secure, safe location in the event of natural disasters and cyber-attacks.

Cost savings, Increased productivity and Better security are key advantages of cloud computing services.

Cost savings for your operations is not the only major benefit to your business. It also allows for seamless productivity because work no longer needs to happen in a physical location. Even if you just limit that to one day a week, you need cloud computing services so your employees can sync data and files, no matter where they are working from. Cloud storage services often provide better security than trying to send files directly via email.

Private cloud hosting services offer extraordinary benefits.

Pathway’s managed CloudPath, frees you up from the effort and risk involved in setting up, managing and maintaining your critical infrastructure and systems in the cloud, all within a secure world-class Tier-III, SOC 2 compliant and ISO 27001 certified data centre.

Pathway lets you concentrate on the important aspects of running your business.

CloudPath uses the industry’s leading commercial cloud computing platform: The VMWare suite of products – the same private cloud services provider-grade software platform used by Fortune 500 companies and by over 90% of other firms, worldwide. We help you design, set up and manage your private cloud computing infrastructure – from servers and network to security, management and backups – so that you can concentrate on the other important aspects of running your business.


Empowered for agility and speed. Trusted by over 1500 global businesses.

Set up in hours not weeks

Getting on the cloud doesn’t need to be hard. Elegant and simple tools help you virtualize your office, install applications and configure your cloud computing solution in hours, not weeks. See our case study of cloud computing solutions to learn about how another business benefits from our cloud computing services.

Detect problems before you even experience them

Powerful orchestration and monitoring systems spot and fix problems, patch your systems, perform audits and monitor everything 24x7x365. We detect problems before you even experience them.

Keep your business up and running

We can combine two private cloud services to make a highly resilient. Have your own virtual servers? No problem. We can combine your cloud with ours to make a hybrid cloud. Transparent failover options let you cut over to near-real time replicas with almost zero downtime. Get back to business with customized disaster recovery options.

Never lose your data

Backup and restore entire virtual machines in minutes. Massively flexible options on backup frequency and retention periods help you meet the most stringent compliancy requirements from ISO, SSAE and SOC.

Get on the cloud computing services for 30 days. You won’t regret it.


Is cloud computing solutions good for your business?

Accessibility and management

  • Do you have access to dashboards which provide real-time information on the state and capacity of your infrastructure?
  • Can you remotely move, add, change or remove active resources, including storage (SSD, SAS and SATA), memory (RAM), compute (CPU and cores), firewalls, and load balancers, in minutes without bringing your applications and systems down?

Speed and Performance

  • Do you have an automated process for backup and restore which lets you to use a remotely accessible dashboard to immediately change the frequency of images or snapshots?
  • Have you established disaster recovery and failover for your infrastructure? How often do you test this set up? Can you do this in minutes?
  • Can you set up a new server from scratch in less than ten minutes?
  • Can you increase the capacity of your infrastructure by, say, 25% in less than an hour?
  • Can you migrate your entire infrastructure to another site in less than a day per server?

Process and Support

  • Do you have processes in place to apply patches and fixes to your systems and receive automated reports?
  • Can you obtain top quality, professional, consultation, advice and technical support relating to network, security, storage and systems administration (UNIX and Windows) – on demand, 24/7 – at preferred rates which are at least 30% – 40% less than the market?

See how we helped other businesses get on the cloud.



Built for demanding workloads.

Constantly audited with multiple redundancies,

Certified secure

Tier III, SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001: 2013 and ISO 9001:2015 certifications.

Private and Canadian

Secured on Canadian soil. No USA Patriot Act. Your data is your own.

99.999% uptime guarantee

Multiple layers of redundancy in place to ensure high availability.

Aggressively monitored

We monitor and patch your cloud before you even experience an issue.

Flexible, secure resources

Unlimited traffic between VMs. Separate and secure VLANs for compliant and private traffic.

No oversubscription

Predictable performance. Storage and memory are fully reserved for your workloads. No competing with noisy neighbours means you get what you pay for.



Get the power of Canada's most experienced IT team behind you.

Backup and disaster recovery – Never lose your data

We can combine two private clouds to create a highly resilient service. Prepare for a disaster with continuity at every level of your business. Calculate your savings.

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Storig – synchronizes your data, wherever you are, and whenever you need it

Secure, private and flexible cloud-based content sharing and data management that safeguards, versions and synchronizes your data, wherever you are, and whenever you need it.

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Fibre optics for optimal performance

Pair cloud with fibre for better performance. Cloud services need fast, low latency connections for optimal performance.

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