Here’s what you get


Spin up servers, add, move and manage resources from anywhere, anytime, in minutes.

State of the art equipment

The latest equipment from world class suppliers such as Cisco, Dell and Fortinet is refreshed regularly. Data is stored on SANs with solid state drives.

Snapshots for data backup

Automate VM snapshots without interrupting production systems. Restore on demand.


With a 99.999% uptime SLA, forget downtime. Your servers are hosted in a secure, SOC II and Uptime Institute Certified Tier III Data Centre.


Use the secure, management portal to automate routine tasks.

Cost savings

The best price for an enterprise grade cloud. Windows Server O/S and 24/7 technical support included free with every CloudPath plan!

What our customers are saying

Since our transition to Pathway, we have been able to provide an excellent level of customer service and we’ve received a five star rating from our customers. Pathway’s results-driven, customer-focused approach has encouraged us to migrate additional functions to them and allowed us to focus on our core competences.

IT Manager, Global Video Surveillance Systems Company

Unbeatable Prices & Features

Choose from pre-set cloud packages OR custom-create your own virtual cloud data centre.

VM Resources Included
CPU Cores 1 2 4 4 8
RAM (GB) 2 4 8 16 32
Hybrid SSD Storage (GB) 80 200 200 300 200
Static IP(s) included 1 1 1 1 1
Data traffic included (GB/mo) 100 200 400 400 600
Monthly Price $64.95 $129.95 $184.95 $229.95 $324.95
You’re saving*: 24% 23% 45% 56% 52%
Order Order Order Order Order
  1. *Price comparisons & savings are for illustration only. Prices matched with similarly equipped VMs offered by Microsoft Azure. Accurate as of Aug 2016.
  2. Annual contract required for packages
  3. Further discounts available for larger requirements

Features exclusively from CloudPath

Fully reserved resources No waiting; Same low rate – always
Windows Server (2008 or 2012) Included free: you save up to $30/mo
On-demand snapshots Restore lost data in minutes
Management portal Manage resources any time, anywhere
Commercial firewall Secure your data; use VPNs to connect
MySmartOffice™ VM Manager Detailed resource reports; automate OS patches
24/7 Tech Support Help with complex technical issues
Migration Assistance Easily add, move workloads
Tier III, SOC II certified Data Centre 100% uptime reliability; 3rd party validation

Create a custom cloud deployment

Item Monthly Fee
CPU (per vCore) $21.50/month
RAM (per GB) $2.30/month
Hybrid SSD Storage (per GB) $0.30/month
Static IP addresses $5.00/month per IP
Data traffic into/out of data centre (per TB) $15.00/month
Additional Services Configuration and design $ Contact us Complex migration services $ Contact us Monitoring & Reporting (per VM)
Includes monitoring of: System Resources, Network Traffic, System performance,
Operating System tasks, capacity planning and Reporting & Notifications
$19.95/month Patch Management (per VM)
Patch management includes: Prioritizing patches, quarterly frequency
$29.95/month Full Server Management (per VM)
Server management includes: Monitoring & Reporting and Patch Management packages,
Hot Fixes, Enhancements, Operating System Log Analysis, Backup Verification

CloudPath Database as a Service

Item Description
Microsoft SQL 2014 Enterprise Single database instance
Storage type SSD Storage
Maximum database size 10 GB
Price as configured above $10 per month
Database Management $399 per month Order Now

Your requirements:


CloudPath AZ uses Microsoft’s well-known Azure Pack which includes Hyper-V hypervisors and Windows Server 2012

Capacity, scalability

CloudPath AZ supports up to 32 processors and one (1) TB of memory on each Virtual Machine. We also offer a new, virtual hard disk format that supports up to 64 TB per virtual disk, allowing you to manage large workloads.

Secure multi tenancy

CloudPath AZ uses the security and multi-tenant isolation capabilities in the latest edition of Windows Server 2012. This keeps VMs isolated when they operate on the same physical host.

Network virtualization

CloudPath uses network virtualization and can place a virtual machine on any node, regardless of its IP address (???). This gives you the flexibility to easily access and manage your virtualized network whenever you need to.

High availability

CloudPath offers you a variety of high-availability options including: on-demand snapshots, incremental file backup and full VM replication.

CloudPath uses Hyper-V and Windows Server 2012 for its hypervisor-based virtualization solution. The hypervisor is the processor-specific virtualization platform that allows multiple isolated operating systems to share a single hardware platform. Hyper-V supports isolation in terms of partitions.

A partition is a logical unit of isolation, created by the hypervisor, in which operating systems execute. The Microsoft hypervisor has a parent/ root partition called the Management Operating System which runs 64-bit Windows. The virtualization stack runs in the Management Operating System and has direct access to hardware devices. The Management Operating System then creates the child partitions which host the guest operating systems.

Partitions have restricted access to physical processors and do not handle the processor interrupts. Instead, they have a virtual view of the processors and run in a virtual memory address region that is private to each guest partition. The hypervisor handles the interrupts to the processor, and redirects them to the respective partition.

Here is a simplified, high-level overview of the CloudPath Azure Pack environment:

Hyper-V 3.0 Network Virtualization accommodates multiple isolated virtual networks on the same physical network. Network Virtualization uses a software-based abstraction layer that sits on top of the physical network and is based on the concept of virtual subnets. A virtual subnet represents a broadcast boundary that ensures that only VMs on the same virtual subnet can communicate with one another. As such, virtual subnets allow administrators to set up different isolated broadcast domains between VMs.


No. You are welcome to tailor your virtual DC to your specific needs. The preconfigured packages, however include everything you need to get started right away: compute, memory, storage, a firewall, network IP address, internet traffic allowance, a Windows Server (2012 or 2008) Operating System and technical support.

For example, your CloudPath AZ packages come with a free commercial Windows Server license (this would cost approximately $1,200USD retail, to purchase). Upgrades to the latest version of Windows Server are included at no charge.

CloudPath servers are all provisioned behind a shared commercial firewall. This saves you costs. Each tenant is completely separated from others.

Yes. One static IP address is included free of charge per virtual machine. If you create multiple, smaller sized Virtual Machines from the allocated resources they can share the IP address. Alternatively, additional IP address are available for $5.00 per month.

Additional resources can be requested at any time through your management portal or by contacting our Sales Department at

If you need licenses for other Microsoft applications (such as Microsoft Exchange) or Windows Server licenses for other machines, these are available at rates FAR lower than what you would pay for in the market. Please use contact for rates for fees

Assurance of knowing what you will incur. Cheaper in the long run as many providers build in costs of carrying unused resources or over provision resources limiting your ability to scale on demand.

In order to add resources to your subscription you will need to contact our provisioning department. This is done to ensure your costs are never unpredictable and allows our cloud experts an opportunity to discuss your needs – sometimes adding more resources is not the ideal solution. Provisioning of additional resources is usually done within one business day.

Yes. One static IP address is included free of charge per virtual machine package. If you create multiple, smaller sized Virtual Machines from the allocated resources they can share the IP address. Alternatively, additional IP address are available for $5.00 per month.

We are able to offer extremely low monthly subscription fees by ensuring proper capacity planning is in place. To accomplish this we ask for a commitment to ensure we aren’t acquiring hardware that sits idle.

Early termination fees are calculated at the time your written notice of service cancellation is received. The fee is 50% of the contract balance.

Pathway provides you with user documents and an onboarding kit. This should be sufficient for an IT Administrator to install, test and use CloudPath without assistance. The Administration Portal allows easy setup and management of virtual machines, networking components and databases.

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