Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Update

Pathway’s preparedness

As the COVID-19 outbreak spreads, the health, safety and well-being of our clients and employees are our top priorities. Maintaining normal business operations is critical to your organization. We would like to tell you what we are doing to ensure that you continue to receive uninterrupted service.

No interruptions to services and operations

Our operations will continue, 100% uninterrupted, with no disruptions or downtime to any Pathway service. We have externally audited business continuity plans in place, precisely for such scenarios, and have already deployed a number of these. Illustratively:

We have arranged with our vendors to ensure there are no supply delays.
Our staff will be available 24/7 on site or via secure remote access.
We are making minor changes to procedures for physical client meetings and colocation visits. We are following Health Canada recommended access control procedures. If you need to visit the Pathway Data Centre, we ask that you confirm that you are not sick and have not been exposed.
We are available to help you; 24/7 should you need us. Simply contact us at 416-214-6363 ext 2801 or email

Pathway technical support
Our Technical Support Service Desk for all operations: connectivity, cloud, managed services and BPO will remain fully operational, 24/7.

IT help for your business

In the present, unsettled environment, it is likely that you may need professional IT support to ensure that your business continues to operate seamlessly. Even if you are not a current Pathway Managed IT Service customer, should you need professional IT help, we will be pleased to provide this to you, and to all Pathway clients, at specially reduced rates. This includes:

Assistance with setting up and maintaining network connectivity, VPN access, soft-phones and communication tools for staff working remotely (i.e. from home).
Data back-up and /or disaster recovery.
Our technology and cloud-based infrastructure allows remote working with full access to all our systems.
Measures to protect against cyber-security threats (such events are a trigger for malicious incidents).
Setting up a virtual network in our secure private cloud: servers, storage, security, access, with a platform for remote management.

To reassure you: Pathway is a complete Managed IT Service company, and that we have been offering Managed IT Services to business for over 20 years.

We’re here for you
We are here to help. Contact us at 416-214-6363 ext. 2801 or by email at for assistance or if you have any questions.