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Data Centre and Colocation Checklist

Benefits of partnering with the right colocation provider:

Partnering with the right colocation provider gives your business many benefits that your internal teams alone may not be able to deliver:

Facility and Upkeep Cost Savings
Geographically Distributed Infrastructure
Access to knowledgeable on-site technicians

Guaranteed High Uptime SLA’s
Compliant, Secure Facility
Your Business Monitored 24/7

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NINE questions you should also be asking:

1. What are the security policies and procedures?

2. Does the location mitigate exposure to natural disasters?

3. Does the building look well maintained?

4. How long have they been in operation?

5. Do they offer managed services?

6. How can you contact them in an emergency?

7. What certifications do they hold?

8. What is the trouble escalation policy?

9. Do they provide a direct point of contact?


Approx. Number Of Employees: 1

Does your organization already use a Colocation Provider?