Frequently Asked Questions for VoiceCool.

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What is VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP uses the Internet network to allow users to make telephone calls. It is the technology of the transmission of voice communication through IP packets, in the Internet environment.

How does VoIP work?

The VoIP technology converts the voice signal from your telephone into a digital signal. This digital signal is transferred through the Internet to the other end, and is reconverted into a voice signal for the other end’s telephone user. A VoIP call can be placed using a phone with a special VoIP adapter or directly from a computer using a conventional telephone or microphone.

What are the main benefits of VoIP?

VoIP is a digital technology that is unlike the traditional phone. When VoIP is used through your broadband Internet connection, it saves you the cost of additional telephone lines for making telephone calls. It also allows users to make long distance calls to people around the world with no time limits or restrictions. Hence, VoIP can save you money by reducing the number of lines, and the costs and restrictions of long distance phone calls. In addition, VoIP services can offer video conversation, visual conferencing and other traditional phone features such as three-way calling, call waiting, and caller ID, which conventional phone providers charge extra for.

What are the advantages of VoIP over analog PSTN lines?

Besides the main advantage of lower costs, there are also many additional one-touch features available to VoIP users that are not so commonly available on PSTN lines. These include – history, statistics of phone calls, video conferencing, advanced voicemail and more.

How is VoiceCool different from other VoIP providers?

With VoiceCool you receive savings on your phone bill and international rates that are among the best in the city. Included with each VoiceCool plan is a host of useful features that other VoIP providers may charge extra for. In addition, when you subscribe to VoiceCool, you can be assured that you receive exceptional quality and excellent customer service. Our world-class infrastructure and trusted suppliers provide a service that is unmatched by others.

How much money would I save from using VoiceCool’s VoIP services?

By using VoiceCool’s VoIP services, you can significantly reduce the phone and long distance costs of your existing phone bill. The amount of money saved will vary on the service you subscribe to. Check out how we compare to the competition, here.

What kind of equipment and services do I need?

You will need an Internet connection and a subscription to one of our VoiceCool plans. You will be provided with an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA) to connect to your existing telephone, or you can install an IP Phone (Softphone will require a PC). IP Phones will not be provided by us.

Can I use VoiceCool without Internet access?

Internet access is a requirement for all VoIP services. VoiceCool is based on the VoIP technology which uses the Internet network to allow users make telephone calls. It transmits the voice communication through IP packets, in the Internet environment.

I do not have broadband Internet access. Does VoiceCool provide this service?

Voicecool does not provide Internet access services. However, if you don’t have broadband Internet access you can subscribe to affordable and innovative DSL packages offered by our partner Internet Service Providers – Pathway Communications. You may call 416-214-6363 or see their plans.


To what phones/numbers can my VoiceCool phone make calls to?

Your VoiceCool phone will be able to call any phone number in the world. This can be a local number, a mobile number, a long distance number or an international number. The person you are calling does not need any special equipment, just a regular phone.

How secure is VoiceCool?

VoiceCool is a very secure network. First of all, we have our own private networks that are not shared with the public Internet. Secondly, the voice signals are converted into digital pieces called packets. Then, these packets are transferred directly to the specific end users. Hence, hackers cannot simply tap into your conversation or change your digital voice.

How mobile is VoiceCool?

One of the benefits of VoIP is that it is very mobile. Whether you move to a new home or travel across the world, simply bring your VoIP adapter with you and plug it into a high-speed Internet line. Connect your phone to your VoIP adapter and you are ready to start making calls. Installing VoiceCool at a new location doesn’t require any changes in configuration, moving fees or technician visits. When you travel around the world, VoiceCool can save you a lot of money on long distance calls. Just connect your VoiceCool phone adapter to a high-speed Internet connection and you have a phone line local to your home area. You can call your family, friends or colleagues back home without paying expensive rates. Family and friends can continue to reach you at the same number and you can make calls to them without paying long distance charges. Similarly, they can call you free of charge.

Does VoIP affect my computer?

When VoIP calls are made with a phone and adaptor or a special VoIP phone, the computer system is not disturbed. VoIP calls can be made at anytime, while active users are on the computer.

Does VoiceCool require a special phone?

There are no requirements for a special phone.

What are the minimum system requirements for VoiceCool?

You will need a broadband Internet connection and a spare Ethernet port on your Internet modem, router or switch to connect to the VoiceCool Phone Adapter. Click here for more details. What is an Ethernet Port? The Ethernet Port on your router or modem or switch looks similar to a phone jack, but is a bit larger. An Ethernet Port is also found on the back of your computer and is used to connect your PC to a high-speed modem. Hardware Requirements You will require a spare Ethernet port on your modem, router or switch to set up the VoiceCool service. If you don’t have this or if you are not sure, please contact our Provisioning Department at 416-214-6363, ext. 2855 or 1-888-986-4232 (if calling from outside the GTA). Please note that VoiceCool requires a broadband Internet connection. To ensure your connection is suited for VoiceCool, perform a VoIP Connection Test and Speed Test. We strongly recommend a VoIP quality of at least 3.0.

Can I use VoiceCool with my existing home number?

You may transfer your existing home number to VoiceCool or you may get a new VoiceCool number in the city of your choice (only available in certain areas).

How do I transfer my existing number to VoiceCool?

To transfer your existing phone number to VoiceCool, you need to authorize VoiceCool to act on your behalf to obtain your number from your existing phone company. The VoiceCool online signup form has a Keep my existing number option. If you select this option, you need to provide information about your current phone service provider, your account number with them and agree to authorize VoiceCool to obtain equipment records from your current phone company for purposes of migration to VoiceCool. If you decide to transfer your number to VoiceCool, there are a few important things you need to be aware of:

You SHOULD NOT contact your phone company to cancel your phone service. To transfer your current telephone number, it must be active on your account with your existing phone company.
Once your number is transferred to VoiceCool, your phone line and all services associated with it will be disconnected. The transfer process may take up to 2-6 weeks. You will receive your VoIP Phone Adapter before your number is transferred.

If you have a DSL Internet service which can be disconnected because of your number transfer, you should contact your Internet Service Provider to request DSL Internet access on a “dry loop“. If you are a current customer of Pathway Communications, you can order a dry loop online or by phone at 416-214-6363.

I have a DSL Internet connection and I want to cancel my current phone service to switch to VoiceCool.

You can unbundle your Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) service from your current phone service and switch to VoiceCool without losing your Internet connection. Please contact your Internet Service Provider to request for DSL Internet access on a “dry loop”. Once you have a dry loop, your phone line and Internet connection will no longer be bundled together. If you are a current customer of Pathway Communications, you can order a dry loop online or by phone at 416-214-6363.

What is a dry loop?

A “dry loop” (sometimes referred as a “Naked DSL”) is a copper phone line, without any phone service activated on it. The sole purpose of such a line is to provide high-speed Internet access. There is no dial tone on the line and no calls can be made to or from it. A dry loop allows users to dispense with their regular phone service and use their high-speed Internet service to obtain a VoIP phone line. Users who order a dry loop may incur a small additional charge from their ISP because the ISP, in turn, is charged a fee by the local telephone company for the lease of the dry loop as per the rules and regulations of the Canadian Radio Television Commission (CRTC).

How do I obtain a dry loop?

To obtain a dry loop, please contact your Internet Service Provider. If your ISP does not provide dry loops, you can subscribe to affordable and innovative DSL packages offered by our partner Internet Service Providers – Pathway Communications. You may call 416-214-6363 or see their plans.

How do I give my overseas relative a Canadian phone number?

Subscribe to a VoiceCool plan and select a new VoiceCool number in the city of your choice. Mail the VoIP adapter to your relative overseas and you can make calls to each other as if you were living in the same Canadian city. (Your relative must have a high-speed Internet connection.)

What will happen when there is a power outage?

The VoIP system including broadband Internet modems require electrical power to operate, so VoiceCool services do not function during a power outage. While this event may occur, one option is to provide a backup power (from an UPS system) to continue to provide AC power the VoIP system.

What are VoIP Gateways?

The gateways are devices that convert the analog voice signals into IP packets, so that they can be transported digitally over the Internet connection.

National DNCL (Do Not Call Llist) and Telemarketing Rules

What are the Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules (National DNCL Rules and the Telemarketing Rules)?

Delegation of the Commission’s investigative powers with regard to the Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules complaints, Telecom Decision CRTC 2008-6, 28 January 2008 Unsolicited Telecommunications Rules framework and the National Do Not Call List, Telecom Decision CRTC 2007-48, 3 July 2008

How do I register on the National DNCL?

Register your home, mobile, VoIP, or fax telephone numbers online at Register by phone at 1 866 580-DNCL(3625) Register via TTY device at 1 888-362-5889 Fax your fax number to 1 888-362-5328 If you are registering by phone or by fax you must call from the telephone number you are registering.

How can I file a complaint about a telemarketing telecommunication?

Complaints about the National DNCL Rules or Telemarketing Rules may be submitted online at or by phone at 1 866-580-DNCL(3625).

What is the National DNCL website? (Telemarketers may register on and obtain subscriptions to the National DNCL from this website).

Signing Up

How do I subscribe to VoiceCool?

Send a sign up request or contact us by phone to speak with a Customer Service Representative, Monday to Friday, between 9am to 5pm at 416-214-6363.

Is your online form secure?

You can be assured that the information you provide on our online forms are secured and encrypted so that it cannot be retrieved by outside sources. Read more about our Privacy Policy.

How long will it take for my service to be set up if I keep my existing number?

If you choose to keep your existing phone number, your number will need to be transferred to our network. The transfer process may take 2-6 weeks. Your VoiceCool VoIP adapter will be sent to you before your number is transferred so you may set up your new VoiceCool line as soon as your number is ready.

I want to transfer my existing number, what happens during the number transfer process?

During the number transfer process, you will receive a VoiceCool VoIP phone adapter and a temporary number. You may set up your VoiceCool adapter and receive calls to your temporary number until your existing number is transferred to VoiceCool. Your VoiceCool kit will include the date that your number will be transferred to VoiceCool.

How long will it take for my service to be set up if I request for a new VoiceCool number?

If you choose to get a new VoiceCool number, you will receive your VoiceCool kit 3-5 business days after we process your signup form.

What are your long distance rates?

Click here for a complete list of our long distance rates.

Setting Up

What is the Quick Start Guide?

The Quick Start Guide contains information to set up your home network. It shows the setup for your PC, router, modem, VoIP adapter and phone. Please note the Quick Start Guide contains the guidelines to set up your VoIP service. Your setup may vary depending on the type of devices you have.

How technical do I have to be to set up my VoIP network?

You don’t have to be technical at all. We have made the setup quick and easy. Simply follow the steps in your Quick Start Guide and you’ll be making long distance calls with VoiceCool in no time.

What are the possible VoIP setup scenarios?

Depending on the Internet devices you have in your home, your VoIP setup will vary. Please refer to your Quick Start Guide for the different scenarios.

Getting Started

How do I place or receive a VoIP phone call?

VoiceCool operates just like a regular landline. To make a call, simply dial your destination number. To receive a call, simple pick up the phone when it rings.

How is the call quality on VoiceCool?

The quality of VoIP calls has improved significantly. Many upgrades and innovations in this field has now given VoiceCool great sound qualities that is as clear as the traditional analog phone line. Please note, poor bandwidth and Internet connections are responsible for poor sound quality.

Can I make 9-1-1 calls?

VoiceCool offers 9-1-1 service. Because of the unique nature of VoIP telephony calls, you must keep your temporary or permanent address updated so that emergency personnel can be routed to your actual location.

To make a permanent change to your address or contact information, please contact us at 416-214-6363.
To make a temporary change to your address or contact information:

  • Go to
  • Click Don’t know your passcode?
  • In the Phone Number field, type your VoIP phone number.
  • Answer your phone and write down the provided code.
  • Go to
  • In the Phone Number field, type your VoIP phone number.
  • In the Passcode field, type the passcode from step 4.
  • You will see the existing information.
  • Click Schedule Temporary Address Change.
  • In the provided fields, select the time frame and type the new address.
  • Click Schedule Change.
  • Verify the information that you provided for the Temporary Change of Address.

What is a Self Care portal and how do I access it?

You can access the Self Care portal by visiting The Self Care portal allows you to view your call history, modify your account settings, and manage your VoiceCool features such as VoiceMail, call forwarding and more.

How do I contact Customer Service?

Click here to contact us or call us at 416-214-6363.

Service Features

How do I access and use the VoiceCool call features?

Your call features can be managed by your touch-tone phone or online in our Self Care portal. Your VoiceCool Quick Start Guide outlines the steps to access and use the Voicemail menu on your phone and in your Self Care Portal.

Can I see the Quick Start Guide online?

You may download the Quick Start Guide, here. Your VoiceCool kit will also include a Quick Start Guide. Your VoiceCool kit will also include a Quick Start Guide.

How do I check my voicemail?

You may access your voicemail using any phone or via your email. Your VoiceCool Quick Start Guide will outline the steps to access and use the Voicemail menu on your phone and check your voicemails by email.

How do I listen to my voicemail from my email?

The voicemail will be in a wav. format which can be opened in any media player (e.g. Windows Media Player, QuickTime). When you receive your voicemail in your email, save the wav. file on your computer and open it with a media player to listen to your voicemail.

By default, your voicemail is sent to the email you provided when you signed up. If you would like to change the email address or disable this feature, please contact us and we will disable this feature for you. If you would like to enable this feature in the future, simply let us know and we will enable this option for you again

Can I fax with VoiceCool?

The fax feature will be available at a later time.

Can I have more than one VoiceCool line in my home?

You can add as many phone lines as you wish, but each line will be charged separately. If you require more than two lines, additional adapters will be required as each adapter only supports two lines.


When do I get billed?

All VoiceCool fees are payable annually or monthly, and are automatically charged to your credit card. Your first charge will occur on your first service activation date. Your invoices will be emailed to you and will display the monthly/annual fee and any additional long distance charges you incurred during the previous month.Monthly subscribers will receive the invoice on the same day of each month. Annual subscribers will be billed the full amount on the first invoice.

How do I get billed?

In order to keep our cost low and pass the savings to you, we send invoices to the email address you provided on your signup form.

Do you still have questions? Give us a call at 416-214-6363 or