Secure Server Colocation Services and Data Center Providers.

Server colocation with Pathway ensures your data is secured. Our Canadian data center is ISO 27001 certified, SOC2, PCI & HIPAA compliant and monitored 24/7 by our onsite NOC.

2 months free at our Tier-III Data Center Colocation facility in Markham
*Offer applies only to new 3 year contarcts. Quantites limited.

A data centre built to exceed the auditor’s requirements

Certifications aren’t enough. Get help from experts who have real world experience building disaster proof, forward thinking solutions.

Operating a data centre in a regular office building means running into serious limitations for compliance, power, cooling and space. With Pathway’s data centre, you get complete assurance that power and space will always be available to meet your immediate and long-term needs. Our data centre is fully audited, has redundancies in place that exceed Tier III requirements and even generates its own power on site.

Tailored solutions

We’re always here to help you tailor your solution to your specific needs. You are not charged for every little interaction with our support team. Decisions are made quicker because our business has fewer layers of management. Combine that with our custom data suites and scalable infrastructure — Pathway can build any data centre, cloud or colocation solution you need.

Canadian and private

Our data centre is located in Markham, Ontario, beyond the reach of U.S. laws like the Patriot Act. Your data doesn’t leave Canadian soil. Get all the privacy and proximity you need to secure your business. Pathway offers 3-factor authentication, secure cabinets, private data suites and data segregation.

Reliability and uptime

Backups at every level ensure your infrastructure never goes down. Multiple levels of redundancy for power, cooling, disaster recovery and networks are built right in. You get customer-focused SLAs and a minimum 99.9% uptime guarantee. Our guarantees are practical and real – unrealistic uptimes are never made, such as 100%, with a long list of exceptions.

Managed services

Heating, cooling, power, security, and day-to-day maintenance are taken care of so you don’t have to. If you need more help, you can get remote reboot, remote hands, network and device monitoring, server management, data backups, tape rotation, OS patch management, application support, cabling, and equipment storage for a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house. Find out more about managed services now.

Secure & Compliant

In business, trust doesn’t come easy. All of our services pass through our Tier III data centre backed by ISO 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013 certification and SOC 2 Type II compliance for the ultimate reliability, security and privacy. Your data is protected 24x7x365 by perimeter alarms, biometrics, video surveillance, firewalls and intrusion systems. The same degree of care is applied to our hiring practices.

Quality managed

Our data centre is backed by multiple network operations centres spread across the globe. Pathway uses ISO 9001:2015 and ITIL processes, ITSM, and quality management systems to provide consistent, high grade support for your infrastructure. Internal processes are governed and audited regularly to ensure service quality. Our staff and processes go through rigorous continuous improvement programs to ensure we innovate and react to new and emerging needs.

Fully compliant and audited

Quality, security, resiliency, control and discipline

When you invest in a third party data centre, it’s not just about the facilities. You need assurance that we’re doing our job right. As a Pathway client, you can leverage our extensive, and fully audited, certification and compliance suite to protect your business and attract new clients.

PCI DSS Certified

HIPAA Compliant Data Centre

ISO 27018 Compliant Cloud




Why Choose Colocation in Greater Toronto Area?

If you need space for your network hardware and physical servers, turn to Pathway Communications for colocation in Toronto and Greater Toronto Area, Markham. That way, you do not need to pay for infrastructure to host your critical business systems yourself. You’ll also benefit from improved security and reliability, as well as lower power costs.

Tier III colocation

Guaranteed performance and uptime

In 2009, Pathway set out to do what no one else had done by building the first Tier III Uptime Institute certified data centre in Canada. We became a “Full Stack Provider” Servicing client colocation needs at every technology layer, from connectivity and networks, to storage and cloud, all the way to a managed services team that designs your solution and takes care of day-to-day management and support. Find out more about our flagship data center and certifications

What you get

Design and build services

Our experts work with you to build customized colocation solutions from full rack configurations to private data suites that meets your specific needs. No capital costs involved.

Transition services

Our engineers will develop a transition plan and help migrate your existing IT infrastructure to our Tier III data centre. You will not experience any unplanned interruptions to your services during the transition.

Disaster recovery services

Our team works with you to develop disaster recovery and business continuity to ensure your systems remain accessible no matter what happens. Find out more about our disaster recovery services.

Managed services

Have our team of experts manage your infrastructure 24x7x365. Get your network, security, servers, backups, operating systems managed by Pathway.

Server colocation

Reliable, secure and monitored 24/7

Reliability and uptime

Tier III certified by the Uptime Institute for 99.982% uptime. Power, cooling and networks built with N+1 or better redundancy. Geographical redundancy. Enterprise grade equipment.

Proactive monitoring

Backed by meaningful SLAs, Pathway’s business internet is the best connection to our data center. Your connection is monitored every 3 minutes for uptime.

Security and auditing

24x7x365 onsite security with perimeter alarms, biometrics, video surveillance, firewalls and intrusion systems. SOC 2 Type II compliant controls.

Security and auditing

24x7x365 onsite security with perimeter alarms, biometrics, video surveillance, firewalls and intrusion systems. SOC 2 Type II compliant controls.

Complete privacy

All colocation racks & private suites are secured with strict physical and network access controls. Your data stays in Canada, no USA Patriot Act.

Anytime access

Your server colocation space is accessible 24/7. React quickly to problems or contact our onsite team for remote hands and eyes services.

Managed services

Access to the talent you need. Our experts manage your networks, servers, and operating systems 24x7x365. Learn more about managed services.

Limitless growth

Our racks support low medium or high density power configurations. With over 10000sq ft of raised floor space available you’re able to grow your business footprint quickly and efficiently.


Easily access, analyze and move data whenever required. Eliminate your reliance on physical files and paper.

Collaboration and workflows

Set up collaboration tools that enable your remote workforce. Control your files with a centralized data system.

Colocation vs managed colocation

With unmanaged server colocation, you only enjoy part of what Pathway has to offer – our Tier III facility with 99.982%+ uptime for power, climate controls, networks and security. What about your servers? The operating systems on them? Your back ups? The costs of your in-house staff who keep it all running?

With managed colocation, your critical business systems are taken care of. You will get your own operating system, application, firewall, security, backup management services and technical support for a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house. Get custom SLAs, reports and audits according to your precise requirements. Plus, you’re assured quality service with our ISO 9001:2015 and ITIL®-compliant processes, systems and staff.

Avoid the costs of salaries, benefits, training, licensing and certifications by choosing Pathway as your managed service provider.
* ITIL is a registered trademark of AXELOS Limited.

Managed colocation services

Save money

Grow your business while only paying a predictable monthly fee at a fraction of the cost of in-house staff and facilities.

Expertise you count on

Our team of qualified engineers and technicians manage your systems 24x7x365.

Full visibility

Get detailed reports and notifications about your colocation services from our client portal and proactively address issues.

Scheduled backups

Schedule backups when it works best for your business. Restore the data you need quickly.

Service level packages

Start with a pre-made solution that covers your needs or contact us for custom services.

SystemAlert™ SecurePlus™ Server Management
Server monitoring and notifications
Daily data backups – incremental
Weekly backup – complete
Enterprise grade firewall
Server, OS and IIS hardening
Antivirus and security patches
Data restoration
OS hotfixes and service packs

Managed colocation services

managed, secure private rooms for critical operations

Custom designed and built data suites for your IT infrastructure. If your business has strict security and privacy requirements, a private data suite is the most cost effective solution. Avoid the capital investments, compliance audits and management costs of an in-house facility by leveraging Pathway’s certifications and qualified security personnel. All your colocation hosting, compliance and security needs are covered by a single experienced team of experts.

Expert consultation and support

Build your suite with the help of the same qualified experts who maintain our Tier III data centre. They’re available 24x7x365 and will help you design, construct, migrate and operate every aspect of your custom suite. Need help taking care of your servers? Take advantage of our managed services.

Lower your capital expenses

Avoid the costs of investing in an expensive in-house data centre. Build your custom suite in our Tier III facility for the exact costs agreed upon. Then you’ll only pay one, predictable monthly fee for management and support. Stay on budget. No unexpected costs.

Customize everything

Tell us what you need and our experts will customize every aspect of your private suite. This includes physical layout and segregation, security and access cards with biometrics scan options, cabling and racks, temperature and humidity levels, power distribution and UPS, SLAs, reports, asset tracking, and connectivity with optional MPLS and multi-carrier redundancy.

Deciding on what’s best for your business? We can help! Tell us about your cloud requirement.
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