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Pathway Communications has partnered with the Cancer Recovery Foundation of Canada to participate in the ‘Bear-Able Gifts’ program that relies on donated new, unwrapped toys. This drive is part of Pathway’s long-standing commitment to promoting and supporting the health and wellness of our employees, their families, and the community.

The ‘Bear-Able Gifts’ program is aimed at putting smiles on kids’ faces with overflowing gift bags. The foundation provides many of the things children and teens love – board games, hand-held games, dolls, cards, coloring books, crayons, markers, puzzles, and stuffed toys – to help take their minds off cancer treatment.

In Canada, 1700 children and youths under the age of 19 are diagnosed with cancer each year. Although great strides in treatment and care have been made, childhood cancer is still the leading disease-related cause of death for Canadian children. It is estimated that approximately 1 in 333 young people will be diagnosed with cancer before the age of 20.

Despite these ongoing challenges, much progress has been made in the fight against cancer. Today, we know more about what causes cancer, how it develops, and how best to treat it. We also know more about how we can improve the quality of life for people living with cancer, cancer survivors, and their families and caregivers.

The Cancer Recovery Foundation assists children and adults who are facing the hardships of a cancer diagnosis. The Foundation focuses on improving the mental, social, and emotional well-being while helping to minimize the devastation that cancer can cause. The Foundation works to deliver simple acts of care and kindness to individuals and families experiencing cancer, and aims to create wellness through the promotion of healthy diets, daily exercise, optimism, and positive support.

Pathway has been a long-time supporter of charities and continues to work with community organizations to determine where support is most required. As proud supporters of the Cancer Recovery Foundation of Canada’s ‘Bear-Able Gifts’ program, the entire company has come together to help bring smiles to the faces of children who have cancer.