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Protect your business from WannaCry and future ransomware threats
We’re providing a quick action list to reduce the spread and impact of WannaCry, the ransomware which affected 200,000+ systems in 150 countries starting on Friday May 12.  While the situation is very serious, the solution for stopping this breed of ransomware is now clearly documented and manageable for most IT departments.

#1 Patch Windows immediately. The ransomware exploit has already been addressed in Microsoft’s security update MS17-010 released in March for current platforms.

#2 Purchase a malware scanning application and keep it updated. No solution is going to be 100% but we recommend bitdefender or malwarebytes for a quick scan.

#3 Periodic testing of your backup and restore systems. In the event you are compromised with Ransomware, having a working backup of your data is absolutely critical.

If you believe you have been targeted by Ransomware or have a question about the steps provided to halt the spread of WannaCry ransomware, please contact us immediately

The Bigger Picture

Ransomware attacks have grown dramatically over the last year, with new threat types appearing all the time.  Learning how to protect yourself can also be a very confusing prospect, with no fewer than fifty different types of software vendors and hardware manufacturers who are very vocally telling you to buy their solution, it’s the last security investment you’ll ever need to make.  While each have their merits, implementing a sustainable protection strategy for your business from an evolving threat like ransomware requires a look at all aspects of your technology, processes and training. Buying multiple pieces of software will do no good if your systems policies are weak, or your passwords are insecure.  Bottom line is your business needs more than just a point solution for security.  It’s when training, processes, policies and point solutions work in conjunction that you really get layered security coverage.

A layered defense strategy that protects, detects and responds to threats is the only sustainable long term strategy to both preventing and reacting to breaches.

Guarding your business against Ransomware

Not counting the massive infection last week, Ransomware attacks grew by 300% year over year and is the top concern for IT security professionals in 2017.  Join the Pathway team for an exclusive webinar on June 12th 3PM EST on securing your business against Ransomware.  This educational session will provide clear insights on how to effectively set up layered cyber-security and crafting an appropriate response strategy. Space is limited, reserve your seats today.

guarding your business against ransomware

Guarding your business against ransomware is an Exclusive presentation from Pathway Communications Click here to reserve your seats today

Safeguarding your operation against future threats.

The WannaCry campaign will not be the last outbreak of malware to affect governments and businesses alike. A calm and methodical approach is the only sustainable way to respond to the ever changing threat landscape.  Our managed IT security products and Security as a Service solutions are designed to provide comprehensive security, covering both responsive and reactive methods, against WannaCry and future ransomware threats.  If you aren’t sure about the state of your IT security, talk to a Pathway Sales Engineer about managed IT security and safeguarding your business from cyber criminals.