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Technical Support Solutions

Technical Support Solutions

For Your Business

Technical Support Solutions

For Your Customers

Why Technical Support is crucial for your growth

Technical support solutions have a direct impact on the productivity and reputation of yourbusiness. Imagine the chaos that ensues when technical issues are not resolved promptly. That’s why it’s necessary to empower your business with good tech support that can promptly resolve any issues around the clock.

When you empower your business with an effective tech support

When you empower your customers with an effective tech support

Increased productivity

When your employees or customers encounter technical issues, it can cause significant disruptions to their work and productivity. By providing reliable tech support, businesses can help employees and customers resolve technical issues quickly and get back to work with minimal disruption. It also enables you to streamline operations, free up resources, and focus better on other core areas of business.

Improved customer satisfaction

High-quality technical support solutions not only improve customer satisfaction but also build customer loyalty. Prompt and effective tech support leads to increased customer retention and can drive business growth through repeat business and positive word-of-mouth referrals.

Increased employee satisfaction

By providing effective tech support, your businesses can improve the overall morale and satisfaction of your employees, who are more likely to be productive and engaged when their technology is functioning optimally.

Enhanced brand image

Technical support can enhance your company’s reputation and brand image, making it more attractive to potential customers. This can lead to increased business opportunities and growth potential.

Competitive Advantage

Technical support solutions are vital to staying competitive in today’s technological landscape. By leveraging new technologies and tools, your company can operate effectively, efficiently, and competitively, staying ahead of the competition and driving business growth.

Increased sales

A business that provides excellent tech support is more likely to receive positive word-of-mouth recommendations, which can help drive new sales and lead to business growth.

How Pathway can help you with technical support

Pathway’s turnkey tech support solutions improve customer satisfaction and uptime of your business by resolving any technical issues quickly and effectively. We support your business via phone, email, chat, or remote access, troubleshoot software, hardware, and network issues, and provide general advice and guidance on the use of technology.

Cost-effective turnkey solutions

Our integrated technical support solutions, which include multichannel customer care, customer-facing technical support, back office support, and POS/retail network support accounting services, can reduce operating costs by 35%.

24/7 tech support from experts

Our technical support experts are trained in ITIL V3 and Six Sigma and regularly improve their technical, communication, and customer service skills. This way, we provide highquality tech support to your business 24/7.

Cutting-edge tools and technology

Our services use a wide range of voice, data, and network technologies built on the industry’s leading platforms. This includes advanced phone systems, customer relationship management, problem tracking, remote computer control, security, etc.

Key benefits of our tech support solutions

A 65% improvement in service quality within three months

A 35% decrease in operating costs within six months

24/7/365 service availability

Superior First Call Resolution (FCR) service

Industry-leading Service Level Assurance (SLA)

Faster service launch and change (16 weeks to 3)

Risk mitigation using two global operations centers

Built for all industries and businesses

Pathway’s technical support solutions are made for businesses of all sizes and cover a wide range of technology areas, like cloud computing, big data analysis, mobility, connections, cybersecurity, and outsourcing. We have over 25 years of experience in providing highquality technical customer support services for different industries and cases, such as:



Public-facing application support and back office technical support


Routers, switches, modems, and wireless radios

IT Equipment

Firewalls, IDS/IPS system, storage devices, and printers


ISPs – copper, fibre, cable, and wireless; VOIP telephony

Consumer Electronics

CCTV, video cameras, and mobile phones

Oil and Gas

Station pumps, car wash, back office systems, and transactions and systems troubleshooting


POS systems and payment gateways, and custom application software

Hardware Manufacturing

Device fine-tuning and repair

Software Development

Software installation support and troubleshooting

Application Service Provider (ASP)

Applications and related services support

Internet Service Providers (ISP)

Connectivity, network and security support


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