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No business should take disaster recovery (DR) lightly. Disasters are unpredictable so it is not worth jeopardizing your company’s operations and reputation by not planning ahead. Calculate your average loss of business downtime. The most prudent decision is to have a contingency plan that would not only secure your data and systems, but also help you deal with the financial implications of data loss, system failures, and lowered productivity.

It is an established fact that the cost of DR decreased steadily while technology and recovery times have improved immensely. Despite this fact, several studies show that a large number of organizations still postpone or ignore DR planning because the solutions still appear to be overwhelming or expensive. For example, Symantec’s 2013 survey found that almost 50% of businesses do not have an industry standard DR plan in place.

If you need to develop or modernize an affordable and viable DR plan, consider investing in a disaster recovery solution. These customized DR services not only address the risks your data, systems, and business operations might face during a disaster, but also help you improve your business continuity initiatives.

Qualified DR specialists can also help you to understand the importance of DR plans and address your queries. After all, in today’s competitive world, you can’t afford data loss or server downtime. Even a short-term outage could trigger significant data and business losses, which in turn could have long-term effects and may even ultimately result in business failure. The best way to steer clear of such risks is to opt for disaster recovery services tailor-made to fit your specific business needs.

In addition to the financial implications of DR plans, you should also consider the issue of regulatory compliance. As businesses change, governments are passing new laws that demand that you store your sensitive data safely, where it is maintained correctly and can be retrieved instantly. The repercussions of not following these regulations can range from fines to real jail time for your company’s employees. Meeting new compliance regulations is yet another factor that should be kept in mind for DR planning.

Hiring a competent company, which has been handling the DR needs of different enterprises and businesses across various industries, is important to your business. So, don’t let fate play a role in your business. Rather, take charge and put a DR plan in place right away.