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What Makes SAP Services from Pathway Unique?

By December 9, 2021September 11th, 2023No Comments

Having a central SAP system has become a noted practice solution for virtually every type of business. SAPs will enhance quality by streamlining productivity and inventory. Of course, not all SAP systems are created equal, and implementing and maintaining SAP support is the key to success.

What SAP support provides?

SAP support can assist with everything from installation to day-to-day operations. Outsourcing your SAP support means better specialization and a tremendous weight off your internal IT department if you have one so that they can keep up with regular operations and maintenance. It’s recommended that you fully understand your SAP support needs before searching for the right company to outsource.

Pathway is a SAP support company that is highly cost-effective, especially considering the savings in time and capital that it typically takes companies to install and maintain SAP systems without support. Pathway offers up to 60% savings compared to competitors. It can also offer further savings by identifying decommissioned and unused software and dodging unnecessary upgrades, patches, and maintenance. Pathway is readily accessible and employs highly skilled consultants who provide 24/7 support with a dedicated account manager.

Pathway’s Support Models

Pathway offers support for multiple SAP versions, customizations, and areas of products through its SAP Support Models. Pathway curates its services to leverage and enhance the support provided already by its clients’ internal staff. Pathways consultants work in tandem with install to fill gaps and confirm a fulsome understanding. Pathways SAP support Models include:

  • Full outsourcing SAP Support Model: Pathway is fully accountable for work needed to ensure success and day-to-day support.
  • Staff Reinforcement: Pathway provides a team of specialists to be available for support while the client retains day-to-day support management and quality oversight.

Comparison to Competitors

Pathway offers a far superior set of products to competitors at a fraction of the cost. Pathway differs from its competitors in terms of its offerings. Pathway offers:

  • Dedicated Support
  • Primary 24/7 Support Contact with an assigned Team
  • Support for customizations
  • Support response in hours
  • Proactive monitoring
  • Proactive escalation without request
  • Interface, Interoperability and Service Level Agreement (SLA) support
  • Full-stack intrusion detection, virtual patching, and compensating controls
  • Advisory Services
  • Monthly service reports and quarterly account management meetings

Mitigating Risk

By outsourcing your SAP support services, you’re ensuring that your company will not be spending all its time on implementation and maintenance, which ultimately saves money and allows staff to get to work on operations.

Pathway offers a limited trial to know and assess if a collaboration. Pathway offers weekend and after-hours support that works parallel to your internal IT.

A well-designed, well-maintained SAP system will ensure your employees are engaged and organized and that your company complies with reporting and regulations. These are critical components to surviving in your market, and Pathway wants to see you thrive. Reach out to Pathway today for a limited trial or ask our support services how we can help your team.