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When you desperately need IT support, who do you call? 
In this age of digital IT transformation and Hybrid IT environment, managing IT assets and support services has become critical for every organization. Whether you are a company of 500 or of 5 employees, IT support is essential to meet the tech needs of your employees. It’s important to make sure that your employees are productive with the technology systems they are using and keep the systems up and running.

Failing to do that can make the company pay heavily for that as most of the times, IT downtime carries a very high price tag. According to Gartner, the average cost of IT downtime is $5,600 per minute. To ensure company-wide IT productivity, IT support is the backbone to keep the systems up and running. When employees in your organization need IT support, who do they call?

No matter what your answer, having quick access to qualified live support agents is vital in keeping your teams productive and operations thriving.

Self-service tools are not the answer for employee escalations.  An employee wastes an average of 22 minutes* per day on technical issues they encounter resulting in a non-trivial 91 hours of lost business productivity. When you strive to balance operating costs and delivering exceptional technical support here’s an equation to keep in mind:

  • 22 minutes of employee time spent per technical issue costs $11.20/issue (average***)

  • Cost per ticket for deskside support – $21.06**

  • Total spent just to resolve a single issue – $32.26

For comparison, Pathway’s average price per technical support interaction is about $10 with 96% of issues resolved on the first call.  We call this our First Call Resolution package, a customized service designed for corporations that value high quality support. 

By ensuring your IT help desk has adequate coverage, designed to minimize wait times and staffed by qualified technicians; your employees can focus on their competencies instead of trying to self-diagnose and repair a technical problem. This increases productivity – leading to more revenue, which offsets the cost of having an internal IT help desk and benefits the company.

Pathway Communications specializes in customized help desk services. We perform all tier 1 technical support activities  a large government agency responsible for creating an electronic health record system. We employ the team and they work out of our offices throughout Ontario. We have a significant base of clients where we provide help desk services and have helped them achieve better response times, lower escalations and improved first call resolutions; all leading to a 98% client satisfaction rating.

Pathway provides professional, high-quality IT help desk services, which allow organizations to concentrate on their profitable endeavors resulting in revenue growth and increased profitability.

Our IT help desk team isn’t just fast and reliable but highly flexible and adaptable with 24X7X365 accessibility. In addition to standard over-the-phone and email technical support, we also provide remote-desktop assistance, and deploy our technicians to your premises for on-site support and user training, to provide an in-person support for more tenacious issues.

Ready to enhance your IT Help Desk? Contact us to set up a customized pilot program to handle your organization’s ticket overflow and after hour requests.  You’ll be able to see first-hand how Pathway IT help desk services improves productivity while lowering your cost per ticket rate.

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