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Why Choose a Managed IT Provider with Unified Management?

By October 25, 2021September 11th, 2023No Comments

The devil is in the details, which is a phrase that goes without saying these days. We all know how expensive it can be to hire in-house personnel to keep all of your certifications up-to-date. If you lack the capital and resources to ensure that this runs smoothly, your business can be vulnerable to unexpected outages and costly downtime, which has an overall negative impact. Each day, MSPs handle dozens and dozens of tasks, from ticketing to hardware monitoring to security operation center activities. Nowadays, you can outsource these tasks through reliable managed IT services in Ontario like us at Pathway Communications.

As software grows with the technological advances our world is making, so does our services’ footprint. To offer successful managed IT services in Toronto, we employ the centralizing of tech stacks so that monitoring, access, and backups for management are streamlined.

We offer our businesses a chance to step away from tedious, boring, and repetitive tasks to focus on the bigger picture by:

  • Keeping their system uptimes high
  • Keeping their customers safe
  • Keeping an eye on endpoints
  • Solving issues more easily
  • Preparing for potential outages
  • Getting ahead of any incidents

Customer Support

The demand for 24/7 managed service providers (MSP) support has become a critical differentiator for all businesses. Companies need fast response times and solutions so they can focus on what they do best. As your MSP, we can offer 24/7 support, including network operations centers (NOCs), security operations centers (SOCs), and help desks. This approach, when applied in-house, can prove to be rather expensive, which is something you can avoid with Pathway Communications, where we offer you specialized support in the form of cybersecurity monitoring and 24-hour coverage.

Our managed IT services integrate remote monitoring and management (RMM) across all your tools, which will make it easier for you to focus on other concerns. An MSP team will also benefit businesses by using automation to save time and ensure more crucial issues are never dropped.


MSPs today must have automation, which is something we can help you with. The bulk of your tasks are repetitive. We can automate them using scripts. In place of, say, manually installing patches one by one, our automation technology monitors for updates and installs them on machines. Systems will be more secure as they will be updated. This automation can be integrated into all the tools under the wing of our unified IT management.


Businesses cannot function without RMM software. We ensure smooth sailing by remotely monitoring, managing, and supporting clients’ issues. A good RMM tool will offer important functions, such as ticketing support; automation (a huge benefit for MSPs); policy configuration, password management, and other security functions.

Our unified IT management approach is to tightly integrate your RMM with everything mentioned in this post. Because RMMs serve as a means for MSPs to monitor client machines and stay on top of issues, it’s imperative that we have a connection to and visibility across all of your technology stack.

Are you finally ready to reap all the benefits of managed IT outsourcing in Toronto from an industry-renowned MSP team? Reach out to us now at Pathway Communications to find out more about our managed IT services.