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Avoid Costly IT Disasters using Cloud Solutions

By May 24, 2021September 11th, 2023No Comments

The past year—and counting—has been a challenge for businesses of all sizes and industries. Many companies have been forced to experience long service downtimes due to lockdowns and other pandemic safety measures costing them thousands of dollars every minute. No business can afford these extended service outages indefinitely.

Disaster recovery services such as cloud backup solutions in Canada can protect your business from the costs and risks of even short-term downtimes caused by several unpredictable factors.

Does Your Business Need Disaster Recovery Services?

Along with the pandemic, natural disasters such as fire, flooding, power outages, hurricanes, and more can force your business to have costly downtimes. Additionally, cyber-attacks, hacking, and malware are all genuine threats to the integrity of your business data.

If downtime from any of these potential threats forces an interruption in the following business services for your company, your business stands to experience significant losses:

  • Customers aren’t able to access services or make purchases = lost revenue.
  • Remote and in-office employees cannot access the infrastructure, databases, and applications they rely on, which effects efficiency and productivity.
  • Users completely lose or can no longer access the data and services they rely on for their business
    Overall, resulting in a damaged business reputation in terms of competency and reliability.

Additionally, if your company collects sensitive data and is corrupted or hacked, you could face costly and lengthy legal battles, resulting in more downtime.

How Do Cloud Backup Solutions in Canada Work?

When your business experiences any type of disaster that threatens the accessibility and security of your data, cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solutions re-route your online traffic to the disaster recovery services location with minimal to no interruption in your service. With disaster recovery solutions, exact replicas of your business’s data, software, and servers are stored safely in the cloud.

Cloud Backup Solutions in Canada vs. Traditional Backups

As the nature of data storage is fragile, storing your business data in only one place is risky. Even if that location is off-site, data backed up in more than one location is more robust and has a less inherent risk of being lost or damaged.

Traditional backup systems are not ideal as they generally require a lengthy process to recover lost or damaged data, resulting in lengthy and costly downtimes for your business. Cloud-based backup and disaster recovery solutions avoid substantial downtime entirely.

Benefits of Outsourcing Solutions

Outsourcing your backup and disaster recovery solutions will provide proactive solutions and prepare your business in the event of any type of disaster. Disaster recovery companies with expertise can develop a comprehensive plan to back up and retrieve your data in case of a breach. In addition, they will determine the highest risk elements of your network and limit data breach damage.

Pathway Communications can provide the disaster recovery services your business needs. We can deliver cost-effective and customizable backup and disaster recovery solutions and services. Our experts will quickly get your business up and running again and help limit the production losses of your business.