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Boosting Your Business by Outsourcing Your IT Help Desk

By February 16, 2022September 15th, 2023No Comments

Pathway provides professional, high-quality, back-office and IT help desk services, which allow organizations to concentrate on their core competencies resulting in revenue growth and increased profitability. Our IT help service desk currently handles all routines like IT service delivery support, removing the burden of infrastructure, EUC, Server, Printer and Cloud access, maintenance, and reporting issues from your existing IT resources.

Identifying the Need to Outsource

How do you identify the need to outsource your IT help desk services? If you are experiencing a build-up of customers needing support, you may need to outsource your IT help desk. Other signs you may identify include slow resolution of customer issues, lack of technical expertise, and high costs for in-house IT help desk support services.

Benefits of Outsourcing

What are the benefits of outsourcing your IT help desk support services? Benefits of outsourcing your IT help desk support services to Pathway Communications include:

  • Increased coverage
  • Multiple languages
  • Quality Management
  • ITSM/Ticketing
  • Systems for mote access and control tools
  • Governance
  • On-boarding
  • Change Management

Your customers need to know you are able to respond to and fix their technical issues. Outsourcing your IT help desk support services will make your customer wait times shorter.

How to Choose a Partner

Choosing the right partner for IT help desk solutions means doing a little research. You want to pick the right partner for you. Pathway Communications is trustworthy, reliable, and has excellent customer service skills. We are a quality IT help desk service that moves through the support process, providing stop-gap solutions when necessary.

The Cost of Outsourced Services

How much does it cost to outsource office IT support services? Let’s discuss four ways you can pay for outsourced IT help desk services. They are:

1. Pay per ticket

As each ticket is resolved, you will pay for that ticket. Repeated for each ticket.

2. Pay per call

You pay for each inbound and outbound call the help desk service team makes. Costs can add up quickly because some issues take more time and multiple calls to resolve.

3. Pay per minute

You pay per minute the agent is talking on the phone. Hold times are included. It can be very costly, especially if the agent must follow a lengthy script.

4. Pay per agent

You pay a flat rate for each agent. Your agents will fully understand the system, which gives you better IT help desk support.

You Need Back Office IT Services

If you have noticed long wait times for your customers requiring technical support, you need back-office IT services. Your IT help desk services will run more efficiently with outsourced IT support, which will boost your business and increase your profits. Happy customers mean fuller pockets. Contact Pathway Communications for a full breakdown of the back-office IT services we offer.