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Back-Office Technical Support

Pathway provides professional, high-quality back-office services, which allow organizations to concentrate on their core competencies resulting in revenue growth and increased profitability. Our IT Service Desk currently handles all routine IT service delivery support, removing the burden of infrastructure, EUC, Server, printer and Cloud access, maintenance and reporting issues from your existing IT resources.

IT Service Desk Features:

We will quickly and effectively analyze your requirements and implement the right solution for you. Pathway provides solutions ranging from a small-seat support function to a full-capacity contact center.

Our trained service technicians diagnose, troubleshoot, and ensure quick and effective resolution of complex technical and logistic problems. Pathway ensures that your customers always feel that they are communicating directly with, and are receiving quality, personalized service directly from your own employees.

  • Coverage: 24×7 or after-hours & weekends; dedicated or shared agents
  • Languages: Local English speaking agents. Other languages: French, Spanish, Russian
  • Quality Management: Full QMS; SOPs; transaction capture (voice, email, screen); surveillance, score cards, training
  • ITSM/Ticketing: Choice of our ITIL compliant ITSM or integration with yours
  • Systems: Remote access & control tools; knowledge base; workforce management; automation
  • Governance: On-demand and scheduled reports; weekly updates, meetings
  • On-boarding: Dedicated Manager, detailed blueprint and migration plan, continuous reports, updates
  • Change Management: Formal, controlled change management and full documentation

IT Service Desk Capabilities:

  • Simplified and efficient operations that can handle large volumes of transactions
  • Exceptional service standards
  • Ability to meet critical client commitments and SLAs
  • Dramatic reduction in cost and processing cycle time, with standardized and streamlined processes
  • High level of data security and advanced IT support
  • Customized workflow applications for managing end-to-end processes
  • Assured accuracy and quality
  • A large, skilled resource pool with deep domain knowledge

Need for an IT Help Desk:

Turning to Pathway Communications for an IT service desk offers many benefits to your company. With an IT help desk, you’ll have a single point of certified and trained contact for all customary IT service-related issues. An IT help desk offers:
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Fast problem resolution
  • Quick fixes
  • Expertise from industry experts
  • Proactive intervention

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