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Company background

A national oil and gas company, with almost 50 years of experience in the energy industry, pioneered the development of the Canadian oil sands. The company has since grown into a strong contender in the international market, investing not only in oil exploration and extraction but in renewable energy, lubricants, and retail operations.


Over the past 20 years, the company has seen significant growth across multiple business sectors, including oil production, lubricants, and retail operations. Retail operations were of particular concern to the company – with hundreds of gas stations across Canada and most of their staff specializing in the energy sector, they were faced with an administrative and support nightmare. Processes were disrupting store migrations, accounting, and support requests, POS help desk requests were going unanswered for days, and customers were frustrated with extreme response times. The company’s systems were also well behind the times, offering no email or online support options.


Key benefits

  • 40% reduction in operational costs
  • 60% improvement in First Call Resolution
  • 72% increase in customer satisfaction
  • 100% faster responses to emails
  • Service migration: 12 days versus 8 weeks
  • 60% quicker processes at additional no cost


To decrease response times, improve processes, and reduce costs, the company sought the expertise and knowledge of NetPulse. NetPulse offered a full back office, customer care, and technical support solution that would increase customer satisfaction, aid service migration, reduce operations costs, and provide better response times. On top of regular support services, NetPulse installed new processes, including closed ticket call-backs; extensive audits; and automated customer satisfaction surveys. The processes helped NetPulse identify problem areas and created targeted solutions. NetPulse established Standard Operating Procedures (SOP), process flows, escalation matrices, and quality management systems that ensure consistent, seamless operations across all business functions. To help the company monitor support services, NetPulse installed an on-demand, web-based dashboard that let managers access reports anytime, from anywhere.


The results of the plan were striking – well beyond the company’s wildest predictions and the requirements of the Service Level Agreement. First, operation costs for support functions were reduced by over 40%. At the same time, process changes resulted in a significant improvement in general turn around for all support tasks. Service migration time was reduced to 12 days – over a 75% improvement. Moreover, all support functions saw a substantial improvement: First Call Resolution was increased by 60%, email responses were 100% more effective, and customer satisfaction was enhanced by 72%. The NetPulse solution provided measured, impressive results across all of the company’s support functions.

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