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Defining the Different Tiers of Data Centres

By March 2, 2021No Comments

Data centre tier systems are used to define specific types of data centre infrastructure. When it comes to hosting, determining which types of data centre tiers would work best for your organization is a critical choice. While data centres increase in complexity given their tier, most businesses use a Tier III data centre because they have multiple paths for power and cooling systems to protect your data.

If the right server is placed in the wrong location, it could affect its performance. Luckily, if you are looking for a data centre in Toronto, Pathway owns a Tier III data centre and offers tailored data centre solutions for your business.


Who Defines the Tiers?

In 2005, the Telecommunications Industry Association established the first set of standards for data centres. However, in 2015, Uptime Institute revised the previous TIA certification process after discovering that data centres did not have official rankings but stated the Institute certified them. Most of the controversy surrounded Tier III data centre rankings and Tier IV data centre rankings.


Data Centre Tiers 1-4 Explained

  • Tier I data centre: Though designed to be more simplistic, they are more than just powered warehouses. This tier will defend most companies by offering them a guarantee of uptime and 2N cooling, double than required for smooth operation.
  • Tier II data centre: Offering a single path for power and cooling, the Tier II data centre provides redundant power and infrastructure backup components.
  • Tier III data centre: This is the most common tier data centre for businesses because it performs repairs without noticeably interfering with service operations. It offers multiple paths for power and cooling systems, which means your business will not have to go offline for repairs or maintenance.
  • Tier IV data centre: Considered fault-tolerant, this tier is not affected by unplanned maintenance. Your business need not worry about its flow of data being interrupted, and day-to-day operations can continue as planned.


Picking the Right Tier for You

For any business, determining where to host your operations is one of the most vital decisions you will make. Depending on your business, you will want to ensure the tier you choose has the right infrastructure, connectivity, redundancy plans, and security for your servers.

Pathway offers businesses state-of-the-art data centre services in Toronto. 100% Canadian-owned and operated, we ensure mission-critical data central to your business is guarded and cared for, 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Learn more about how Pathway is helping companies like yours get the responsive support you need.