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Firewall Solutions and the Cloud

By November 8, 2021September 11th, 2023No Comments

When choosing the right provider to manage your firewall, it is essential to consider all the benefits offered to get the most secure managed firewall solution. A firewall security system with robust features will shield your network against malicious software and unauthorized connections from untrusted networks. Comparatively, systems lacking any security are at greater risk of cyberattacks resulting in stolen or destroyed information.

Not only can managed firewall solutions protect your network, but you can also integrate them with cloud-based services to further enhance your security and ensure every platform is guarded.

IT Landscapes are Growing More Complex

The world is continuously evolving, growing, and changing, and at the forefront of this evolution is technology. The pandemic propelled the shift to online remote work, resulting in the development and popularity of software tools to collaborate and meet through virtual platforms. In 2021, 20% of businesses that invested in software due to COVID-19 plan to use it permanently, and the amount spent on global software is projected to increase by 8.8%. With IT landscapes becoming more complex, managed firewall service providers are more necessary as they provide defenses for software to maintain its efficacy and security against cyberattacks.

Firewalls are Only Becoming More Important

The fast shift to remote work has increased the risk of cyberattacks against business networks and endpoints, making it even more essential to invest in a managed firewall in Toronto. The trend of remote work is not going to reverse any time soon – 52% of people who currently work from home said they would find new employment if their current position transitioned back to in-person work. Additionally, there was a 17% increase in data breaches in 2021 compared to 2020 and this figure will continue to rise if the remote work trend is not tempered with increased security.

Hybrid Work Models Make More Room for Cyberattacks

The popularity of remote work makes it challenging for businesses to secure their data properly. This is caused by employees logging in to company resources using unsecured devices on unsecured networks. This means that every cyberattack has a higher threat due to a lack of the same security measures typically installed in a secured office setting (i.e. with a reliable and guarded network). To prevent malicious software from infecting a company’s network, a managed firewall in Toronto would provide the strongest defense.

Integrating Firewalls with Cloud-Based Services

Firewalls are even more beneficial when used with cloud-based services to protect cloud infrastructure. Common cloud-based services include Google Drive, Cisco WebEx, and Dropbox, all of which are defined as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Firewall service providers can integrate firewalls for cloud-based services to ensure added safety measures are in place, leaving businesses more secure.

When looking for managed firewall solutions, a reliable and trusted provider that safeguards your network is clearly the right choice. Learn more about how Pathway Communications can guard against malicious threats and cyberattacks for businesses.