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Get unlimited calling at a fraction of the cost of regular phone services. Stay in touch with your family and friends easily and affordably. All plans designed to include every call feature.

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Full featured, low cost local and North American calling

VoiceCool Local

$9.95* per month (first 2 months)
  • *$14.95/month (thereafter)
  • Unlimited local calling
  • 22 calling features
  • VoiceCool number
  • Phone number transfer

VoiceCool 500

$12.95* per month (first 2 months)
  • *$19.95/month (thereafter)
  • Unlimited local calling 500 North American long distance minutes
  • 22 calling features
  • VoiceCool number
  • Phone number transfer

VoiceCool Unlimited

$14.95* per month (first 2 months)
  • *$24.95/month (thereafter)
  • Unlimited local and North American calling
  • 22 calling features
  • VoiceCool number
  • Phone number transfer
*Prices apply to new customers only.

See Frequently Asked Questions for VoiceCool.

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VoiceCool 500 Bell Home Phone Choice Rogers Deluxe Plan
Base price $14.95/month $46.95/month $49.41/month
911 $0 $0.15/month $0
Other fees $0 $2.80/month $0
Long distance Included $10 extra $5 extra
Calling features 22 8 6
Total* $19.95/month $59.95/month $54.41/month
*Prices accurate as of November, 2014.

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Enjoy free calling features

Included with every plan

Voicemail Redial last called number
Voicemail sent to email Call back last calling number
Click to listen Prompt the last inbound calling number
Travel with your number Prompt last dialed call
Caller ID Prompt missed calls
Call waiting (call hold) Three-way conference calling
Call history Free In-network calling
Call forward unconditional Web portal management
Call forward on busy Speed dial
Call forward no reply Phone book
Call forward busy and no reply 911 compliant

See Frequently Asked Questions for VoiceCool.

Added benefits

Call anywhere, from any device

Listen to voicemail anywhere

Access your voicemail from your phone, apps or your email. Archive and manage messages using an easy menu.

Take your phone with you

Going on vacation? Bring your phone and make calls wherever you are. Just connect to high speed internet and call away.

Stay connected

Have family and friends abroad? Calls between other Pathway customers are free, so sign them up too. You don’t even need to send a phone, just set them up with apps on any device!

Keep your phone number

Switch your current phone number to your new home phone service at no extra charge.

Stay safe with 911

Completely 911 compliant*. Your call is handled by third party specialists who dispatch your call to your local authority.

*VoiceCool’s 911 service differs from traditional 911 service.

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Unlimited calling with a money back guarantee

Unlimited local calling

Call your friends! Every plan comes with unlimited local calling.

30 day money back guarantee

Sometimes things just don’t work out! Return your phone within 30 days of sign up for a full refund.

Powerful apps

Use your home phone on any device with full featured apps. Available on Windows, OS X, iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

Online portal

Take a look at your call history and voicemail online and on the go.

VoiceCool to VoiceCool calling

Call any other VoiceCool user for free, anywhere and anytime.

Online voicemail

Listen to your voicemails anywhere from apps and your email.

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