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How Managed IT Support Is Unique From Regular IT Services

By March 24, 2021September 11th, 2023No Comments

There was a time when businesses did not need much in the way of IT support. Perhaps one IT technician would come in to address one computer’s malfunction or internet connection. However, with the rise of cloud-based data systems and remote working, there is an immense need for managed IT support.

Almost every business worldwide has a website, and a large chunk of their customers are provided for via online channels. However, some people equate regular IT with managed IT support, which is not the case. Managed IT services in Ontario provide specific benefits.

Regular IT Is Reactive

Standard IT services are reactive in nature. When there is an issue on-site, or something goes wrong with one of your servers, an IT specialist will come in and address the issue. These specialists will be able to address your issues, but only once they have already occurred. In some cases, they can be automatically alerted when something goes wrong, but their repairs are not going to happen until you’ve already had to experience downtime.

Managed IT Is Proactive & Predictive

A managed service provider will equip you with unique benefits you won’t find with a regular IT support company. Managed IT support is proactive and predictive. This support type will be continuously in motion behind the scenes, ensuring that everything is running as intended. It can look ahead to see where issues are coming up and put measures in place to stop them without your system ever experiencing downtime.

Solutions Operated Remotely

Many managed IT services in Ontario have locations where they manage all your systems needs. They will install software onto your computer and devices so that they can access your data without you having to reserve a big chunk of your server for all the extra space. They will continuously monitor the data gained from the software and run diagnostics looking for areas of weakness.

Not only that, but you don’t have to hire your own team of IT support staff and spend money on network infrastructure. All your IT needs can be taken care of by a managed service provider in Toronto.

If you are a business relying on IT services more than ever, it might be time to opt for the managed support. You shouldn’t waste money on downtime and won’t have to with this type of support.

At Pathway, a leading managed service provider in Toronto, we want to help make your business’s online operations streamlined and error-free.