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How One Minute Makes a Difference in Cybersecurity

By November 19, 2020September 11th, 2023No Comments

You may not think one minute is very long. But for cybercriminals, sixty seconds is enough time to take advantage of weaknesses in security systems around the world. How are they able to do so much damage in so little time? By turning cutting-edge technology into nefarious tools, virtual attackers can overwhelm networks and sneak through your defenses. The world is so digital now that it presents even more opportunities for attacks. Here’s how IT security companies are handling this cybersecurity problem.

How Prevalent Cyber Threats Are

The tricky thing with cyber threats is that you often can’t detect them until it’s too late. For instance, it’s easy to spot hazards at home, like a cord left out to be tripped over. But when it comes to your company’s data, it can be difficult to anticipate the dangers. But IT security services know just how prevalent cyber threats really are. Statistics indicate that for every sixty seconds that pass, three new phishing scam sites pop up, and there are 1.5 attacks on computers that are internet-connected. You may think that number is low, but a single attack could compromise tens of thousands of records in just a few seconds.

How COVID-19 Has Increased Security Threats

Now that more people are working from home, IT security companies in Canada face the additional challenge of helping businesses set up secure remote workflows. Unfortunately, the early days of the pandemic were full of pandemonium. Many companies struggled to train their employees in advance of WFH orders adequately. As a result, they didn’t understand how to assess the difference between real emails and phishing scams properly. COVID-19 poses additional opportunities for cyber-attacks to sneak into mobile devices and IoT devices, too.

How IT Management Can Help Prevent Cybercrimes

It’s a challenging time to be in business right now. Supply chains are in flux, and there are constantly new problems to be faced. Thankfully, IT security companies offer plenty of solutions that can help protect your business from cybercrimes. With strict filters, encryption, and other cloud-based collaboration tools, your business can operate securely and seamlessly without fear of malicious online attackers.

Overall, this is not a time to get lazy when it comes to defending your company against cybercrimes. Sixty seconds is plenty of time for a hostile attacker to steal your data and destroy your company’s reputation. IT security services can help you protect yourself against cyber threats like phishing. This threat is not going away anytime soon. It’s a good time to create a robust strategy that can help your company continue to grow without fear of malevolent hackers.