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How To Increase Network Security

By April 5, 2021September 11th, 2023No Comments

Many businesses have closed their office doors recently and moved entirely online. As a result, more staff work remotely from home offices, connecting virtually to their employer’s data networks through home computers. Without managed IT services, these potentially insecure connections leave businesses open to the increasing threat of data breaches.

How Infrastructure is Changing

In the past, many businesses required very little IT support. Increased reliance on remote work set-ups and cloud-based data systems means that infrastructure — and applications — have become more widely distributed and virtualized.

These infrastructure changes make it increasingly difficult to keep personal and professional data secure, increasing the need for businesses to utilize managed IT services. These services allow a company to outsource their IT needs to a professional third-party provider. Managed IT services in Toronto provide the benefits of physical visits to businesses based locally and also adeptly handle global services.

3 Points of Concern

There are three points of concern when addressing the security of your company’s infrastructure and applications: Visibility, Segmentation, and Threat Detection and Response.


Third-party IT service providers require complete visibility to a company’s users, devices, networks, applications, workstations, and processes to protect their security effectively. For a business requiring managed IT services in Toronto, a company like Pathway Communications — a managed service provider in Toronto — offers the advantage of having professionals available in your time-zone to visit your Toronto-based main data centre.


Segmentation entails separating data sets, applications, servers, and user groups. This separation makes it more difficult for attackers to access your data by reducing your company’s computing surface.

Threat Detection & Response

Effective threat detection and response can identify threats as they enter a computing environment, discern what data they have affected, and take swift action to erase the threats and temper their impact.

Effective threat detection and response rely on complete visibility and at least some segmentation. In today’s modern risk-filled world, managed IT services that understand how these areas are connected — and have synchronized tools that can work across a network’s spectrum — are best prepared to mitigate cybersecurity threats to your business’s data.

The Importance of Network Security

Potent network security targets a variety of infrastructure threats and protects your network and data integrity and usability. Through network access management, network security utilizes both software and hardware to stop hackers from gaining access to and spreading viruses on your network.

According to a 2020 survey report from KPMG, most Canadians are reluctant to do business with companies that have suffered a data breach. This reluctance will harm your business’s prosperity and growth.

Pathway Communications is a managed service provider in Toronto, Canada. Our highly trained engineers take a proactive approach to mitigate the risks of security breaches.