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Is Bare Metal Cloud Right for Your Organization?

By June 29, 2020September 11th, 2023No Comments

The multi-cloud market may seem daunting; not every cloud solution may fit your needs. As organizations try and modernize their IT infrastructure, it becomes apparent that certain cloud infrastructures may suit their need better than others. For organizations that prioritize control, access to hardware, performance, and flexibility in operating environments, bare metal cloud services are the best fit. 

Being valued at 1.75 billion USD in 2019 and projected to be worth 10.56 billion by 2025, [with a compound annual growth rate of 35%,] bare metal cloud is the latest niche to take the cloud market by storm. But what exactly do bare metal cloud services entail?

The basics

Bare metal cloud services are just as the name implies. Bare metal cloud providers only supply the hardware, such as CPUs, storage, memory, and all of the infrastructures that come along with a data centre. Organizations must provide all the software starting from the OS of the stack themselves.

Why choose bare metal cloud

  • Dedicated resources

Bare metal provides physically discrete and secure servers with added compliance, enabling high-performance computing without the use of any virtualization. There’s no need to share — all physical server resources are dedicated to the organization’s application.

  • Unrestricted Server Access

Unlike virtualized settings, there is no need to have a hypervisor overhead to access physical servers. Bare metal gives organizations unrestricted access to their servers and machines, simplifying identifying hardware at component levels.

  • Full Hardware Control

Organizations get full control over the hardware environment, giving them complete freedom when selecting which apps best suit their needs. This also gives them the ability to scale on-demand, adding more resources as needed. Unlike virtualized settings, organizations are always aware of the quality of hardware being used.

  • Added Security

Bare metal cloud environments are inherently more secure than their virtualized cloud counterparts, due to their single-tenant, non-virtualized nature. Organizations have full control over security operations and can scale security architecture up if needed.

  • Proven Performance

Bare metal cloud services often outperform their virtualized cloud counterparts because virtualized cloud rely on moving from server to server, which can mean unpredictable task performance. Bare metal is more consistent because the servers are never moved or reconfigured unless requested by an organization.

  • Cost Efficiency

Reduced bandwidth overage costs mean better cost predictability of the pay-as-you-go model. While the cost of cloud service is going down, bare metal cloud services come out cheaper on a per-workload basis, making them more cost-effective than their virtual counterparts.

Is bare metal right for your organization?

Bare metal cloud services provide organizations with versatility and flexibility when it comes to hardware and performance. The versatility of bare metal cloud services does not compare to other virtual cloud-based services. If your organization is looking for high-performance computing with highly customizable hardware resources at cost efficient rates, look no further than bare metal.