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Is Your SAP Managed Service Provider Transparent?

By December 4, 2020September 11th, 2023No Comments

The first step to holding real transparency between SAP users and Managed Service Providers (MSPs) is giving credit where credit is due. At Pathway, we don’t pretend that SAP is easy. It is a very complex software program with an all-inclusive set of integrated, cross-functional dealing processes. Its multi-layered application system is exactly what makes it so appealing to our clients because it promises to synchronize data simply and comprehensively for the user.

It was once necessary for a company to house an entire IT team amongst its internal staff, rendering the answer to all IT inquiries a tap on the shoulder away. But, in our new digital landscape, businesses have the option to outsource. Nowadays, it is more affordable to outsource rather than spend large amounts on hiring and training an internal team of varied experts. With a managed service provider, an SAP user does not have to identify the problem themselves and is connected to the expert at the root of the issue—just a phone call away.

SAP Is Complex – Communication Is the Key

Since outsourcing is now accessible and affordable, a new issue arises; lack of internal company communication. Unlike the guy at the IT desk down the hall, some managed service providers don’t act like they’re a part of your company’s team. They may even withhold specific documentation that they consider their intellectual property. Those managed service providers consider themselves independent from your business, but at Pathway, we understand that what your company needs in IT support is a teammate.

When working with a program as complex as SAP, we believe that communication is the key. We provide managed SAP support 24/7 so that your phone inquiries feel as easy as tapping the IT guy on the shoulder.

What Is Real Transparency?

As one of many managed service providers in Toronto, Pathway aims to set ourselves apart by setting the bar for real transparency. We like to acknowledge that while we collaborate with our clients to provide managed IT services that feel as close to home as possible, we are also two entities with our management teams. This helps us remember that when an issue is unclear on our side, and the management is asking questions, the same is happening in your office. That’s why our experts monitor our clients’ networks frequently to ensure their connection and infrastructure never goes down and so that every alert on their end is resolved and responded to immediately.

At Pathway, effectively managed SAP solutions are communicated immediately and continuously. We believe that real transparency means updating the client until the issue has been resolved, even if that means sharing that we haven’t found a solution yet and that we’re working diligently to find one.

How Transparency Benefits Your Business

By providing our clients with transparent communication, we hope to equip each business with the reassurance and knowledge to address future issues faster. While we are the experts, we have no intention of privatizing our knowledge. Our managed IT services are available around the clock so that our clients can understand exactly what we are doing to help them and what that help will look like in the future. Transparency reduces anxiety on your end, gets you answers sooner, and equips you with the confidence to identify similar issues the next time they arise.

This also means that should a crisis arise; your team will know that our IT support is already working to resolve the issue. When we are transparent about problems, we make it clear to your team that nothing is being concealed or underplayed and that you can rely on us to create a rapid and effective solution.

In the long run of our client/MSP relationship, we know that true transparency builds trust. That’s why transparency is integrated into our work models through verbal communication, documentation, and collaborative technology.