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Company background

A multinational transportation company, with subsidiaries in both Canada and the United States, is committed to providing high quality transportation and great customer service. As a supplier of transportation services for hundreds of Elementary and Secondary schools, the company puts an emphasis on providing the highest level of safety for students.


The company experienced significant growth over the past decade. With an aging IT infrastructure and e-business applications, the company was not able to provide the level of service mandated by their emphasis on safe and high-quality transportation services. Low service quality metrics showed it all – the company, employees, and customers alike were unhappy with service downtime, unreliable systems, high costs, poor reporting tools, and general response times.


Key benefits

  • 80%+ improvement in service metrics
  • 30% reduction in costs
  • Solid IDS/IPS and Firewalls with 24/7 surveillance
  • Powerful and user friendly RDMS, dashboards, and on-demand reports


The company needed to solve the service problems quickly and approached NetPulse for a complete Technology Management solution. NetPulse decided that the company’s Infrastructure Management needed a complete overhaul with proactive 24/7 monitoring and support backed by a detailed, industry-leading SLA. This management solution saw full administration and problem resolution for the company’s network and Windows/Unix servers. Also, the solution included user friendly dashboards and on-demand reports that help administrators and managers work efficiently. To complement the Infrastructure Management solution, NetPulse planned a full Help Desk and System Support solution for desktops and other systems attached to the network. This solution included both on-site and remote service with problem resolution, patch management, and automated software distribution. A Managed Security solution also ensured that vulnerabilities would be dealt with efficiently, network intrusions could be prevented, and emails would arrive spam free. In addition to all of these services, NetPulse provided full ERP Implementation and Support for Oracle E-Business Suite v12. With 24/7 Tier III remote and on-site support, separate staging and production environments, database management, business analysis tools, a powerful RDMS, and detailed reports, the NetPulse solution was designed to help the company provide reliable, cost-effective transaction processing, service delivery, shipping, and billing.


After NetPulse launched the Technology Management solution, the multinational transportation company saw immediate improvements across all related business functions. The company saw an over 80% increase in service metrics, with employees reporting excellent response times and great problem resolutions every time. The new data centre solution, along with the cloud and remote support services, resulted in a considerable 30%+ reduction in costs associated with infrastructure and support. The increased security and better firewalls stopped intrusions in their tracks and gave the company additional piece of mind that critical assets would be protected. Most importantly, since migrating to NetPulse’s Tier III Design Certified Data Centre, the company has yet to see any significant unscheduled downtime. The company’s managers and administrators were also pleased by the new RDMS, dashboards, and on-demand reports which greatly increased their capacity to track events, network usage, and service levels.

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