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Small Businesses and Managed IT

By January 28, 2022September 11th, 2023No Comments

Since the onset of COVID-19, the world has become increasingly digitized. Businesses are reliant on technology, both hardware and software to run almost all of their services. IT support services have become the mainstay of many small businesses, especially for those who cannot support an internal IT department.

In fact, up to 75% of small businesses farm out their IT support services to an external third party. Toronto managed IT services can offer many benefits including data protection, equipment management, and professional consulting. Most of all, utilizing managed services in Toronto will give your in-house team ample extra time to focus on development.

Data Protection

Studies show that up to 66% of small businesses are already concerned or are at high risk for cybersecurity breaches. Much of this risk is because most small businesses simply do not have the capacity to protect themselves.

IT managed services in Toronto can provide tried and tested security solutions, including multi-layered encryptions and protocols using company equipment from home or elsewhere.

Companies that offer IT service in Toronto are focused solely on company administration. For this reason, they are well situated in providing periodic security audits, installing firewalls, backing up data, and so forth.

Equipment Management

Companies who work with IT supported services also have the option of having their equipment usage monitored. For those working with complicated equipment or where human error and misuse can be an issue, supported services can offer better monitoring and insight.

Professional Consulting

IT support services have professional advisors which can inform companies on IT strategies and the best practices for security compliance. Consultants can help streamline IT operations in the areas of sales, finance, marketing, supply chain management, achieving goals, and much more.

IT consultants become experts at taking care of your cyber needs. In the process, they can begin to observe gaps and oversights that require the eyes of a highly trained IT expert to recognize. Many leaders are most proficient on the business aspects of their organization, but lack the same level of expertise with regard to IT.

Outsourcing Allows Your in House Team to Focus on Development

Finally, outsourcing your IT needs means that the executive leadership and other departments can focus more fully on the large strategies and goals of the company. When business experts are consistently overwhelmed by IT issues that are not in their area of expertise, it begins to sap the creative powers of great employees and leaders.

Look into IT managed services in Toronto for your small business. There are numerous qualified companies like Pathway Communications who can help your company excel. Reach out to us today for a consultation.