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The Benefits Of a Data Centre as a Service

By May 19, 2021September 11th, 2023No Comments

Companies that choose and hire the right partners to perform tasks on the company’s behalf can significantly lower their costs while increasing customer satisfaction. One current example of this is external data centres, which store and protect electronic data for their clients. Companies whose staff make use of the full range of data centre services available can dramatically reduce the time and costs associated with their operations. Pathway Communications sells data centre services in Ontario that allow companies to remain competitive and profitable.

Establishing and Utilizing Hybrid Clouds for Security, Access, and Categorization

Data stored on a business’s personal infrastructure is more secure, but it is more difficult to share. Alternately, data on public clouds is freely accessible, but the security is far weaker. Private clouds allow companies to define which groups have access to otherwise-inaccessible data while placing the data in a commonly accessible digital environment. The creation of multiple private clouds allows companies to apply logical divisions such as departments or subject topics.

Lowering Overhead by Outsourcing Data Services

Companies can lower their costs by hiring external parties to perform specific tasks for them, such as shipping of physical goods. Companies who hire reputable data centre services spare themselves the cost of launching and maintaining their own in-house data centre . Company funds that are not allocated for purchasing new hardware and software, maintaining and upgrading the data centre , and hiring employees to keep the data centre running can be applied to other company-critical tasks such as research and development.

Superior Uptime Percentages and Disaster Recovery

Most data centers have policies and equipment in place to ensure the maximum amount of uptime. Additionally, professional data centre services include emergency plans to respond to a variety of disasters and emergencies that would otherwise lead to catastrophic data loss or extended periods of inaccessibility.

Superior Security Measures

Data centres in Canada are keenly aware of the cyberthreats that endanger their facilities and their clients’ data. The staff at data centres train themselves to prevent, avoid, or mitigate security risks, which frequently includes educating clients on how to detect and prevent social-engineering attacks such as spear-phishing.

Scaling with the Client Company

Very few companies remain static with regards to their size, structure, and customer demand. Adjusting data centre services to keep pace with a company’s changes can be a logistic nightmare for a company with an in-house data center. Data centres in Canada are more flexible with regards to upgrading their equipment or adding staff members. Also, the number of plans, services, and packages ensure that companies pay only for the data centre services that they need.

Pathway Communications provides top-tier data centre services in Ontario. Our data is certified and routinely audited to ensure that we provide the highest levels of security and safety available. We offer customizable service packages, and we guarantee a 99.9% uptime with all of our services.