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The Benefits of Using the Same Provider for Web and Email Hosting

By July 19, 2021September 11th, 2023No Comments

When taking a business online, choosing the right provider for web services and email hosting is key to making it sustainable. Web hosting solutions and email hosting options are available in droves, covering several budgets and addressing a host of needs.

Several businesses use the same host for their website and email, weighing their resources and costs to determine the viability of housing everything in one. Using one provider for web and email hosting has its benefits. Before enlisting Canadian web hosting companies, consider the pluses of opting for this two-for-one type deal.

The Difference between Web and Email Hosting

A web host allows a business or organization to post a website and make it visible to the public. Web hosting solutions allocate business spaces to store their files on a web server, allowing the website to become fully accessible.

Meanwhile, email hosts rent out email servers to users. Email hosting in Canada allows businesses to put their domain in their emails, using a dedicated mail server to manage incoming and outgoing emails.

Use Both or Not?

Email is a highly important tool for small businesses to get the word out about their products and services to the masses. It not only improves chances for success, but also improves sales opportunities and boosts customer satisfaction. Canadian Businesses turn to email hosting in Canada for business email optimization. Alternatively, some businesses opt for bundled hosting, using the same web host and email.

Small-business owners need to weigh their resources and the necessity to use both of these methods. The best option depends on what the business is looking to get out of these services and the quality of the provider with whom it is working.

What Are the Advantages of Using Web and Email Hosting?

Firstly, using email hosting in Canada combined with web hosting solutions is simple. Setup using the same provider means companies don’t need to manage their email on a different account. Furthermore, by using the same Canadian web hosting companies to address these needs, businesses have extensive knowledge of how the host operates as well as have an understanding of how they operate their website.

Furthermore, it’s a cost-effective method considering many Canadian web hosting companies offer email hosting as a part of their bundle deals, letting businesses enjoy both services at a lower price.

Using web hosting solutions for email allows companies to get the same advantages as when they use independent hosts like a domain name. And, for small businesses, this two-for-one option is more convenient given that they likely have fewer people on board to carry out the web or email hosting individually. Plus, they don’t have to split money and resources between different providers. It’s a budget-friendly option that helps small businesses get more work done for less money and time.

When looking for web hosting solutions that provide both options, consider Pathway. Send a message to get started or to learn more.