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The Connection Between Data Centres and Enterprise Businesses

By April 20, 2021September 11th, 2023No Comments

Although companies of any size can benefit from outsourcing tasks, large corporations can rise or fall depending on how they handle or outsource their core operations. Attempting to perform non-profit-generating tasks can dramatically increase an enterprise business’s overhead and time expenditures. Partnering with external companies with poor customer service or wide technical gaps can cause more damage than benefits. Whereas hiring an external tier iii data centre will grant enterprise businesses excellent security and functionality at manageable, overhead-reducing costs.

How Data Centres Benefit Enterprise Business

Enterprise businesses that hire external data centres can gain a significant edge over their competitors. The advantages of using external data centre solutions include, but are not limited to:

  • Facilitation of Centralized Management: The logistic structures and services that data centre solutions employ can assist the client enterprise business by consolidating pertinent data for important decisions and leadership organization.
  • Reduced Bureaucracy and Misinformation: Proper implementation of an external data centre solution lowers time lost between the client businesses separate departments. Ensuring access to current, relevant information will also assist with maintaining high-quality customer service.
  • Reduced Overhead: Enterprise businesses that use external data centre shift several data management responsibilities to the external company. The cost of hiring the external company is frequently lower than the costs of the enterprise businesses performing and maintaining their own in-house data centre. And enterprise business employees not engaged with in-house data centres can be assigned to other business-critical tasks such as research and development.
  • Scalability: Because external data centres specialize, train, and upgrade their services internally, they can scale their services more swiftly and effectively than enterprise businesses’ in-house IT teams. External data centres can increase, reduce, or adjust their services and available storage in response to enterprise businesses’ significant changes and operations including personnel changes, software changes, and audits.
  • Increased Security: External data centres have additional dedicated resources to safeguard their clients’ data. In addition to keeping current with technological news, alerts, and trends, many external data centres implement informative and adaptive features such as constant monitoring, access management, physical surveillance, and emergency recovery plans from both technological threats (i.e. hardware failures, hackers) and physical threats (i.e. natural disasters, criminal or terrorist attacks).

Pathway Communications operates and protects a tier iii data centre in Markham, Ontario. Our data centre is fully audited, and we have earned certifications from eight technical organizations to confirm our commitment to data safety and operational excellence. Because of our status as a data centre in Canada, we meet and exceed the high standards of the Canadian data industry. We manage our power, security, infrastructure, and redundancy to give nearly 100% uptime so you can focus on your business any time.