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The Connections Between Data Centres and the Cloud

By January 20, 2022September 11th, 2023No Comments

Today, more than ever, there has been a growing concern around how much trust we place on Cloud storage. But at the same time, on-site data storage and management is not a realistic avenue for many companies. This is why data centre solutions are becoming the new common infrastructure choice for leading companies in banking, transportation, and retail.

Even among data centre solutions, the line between private and cloud-based hosting is becoming increasingly blurred. Hybrid IT is quickly gaining momentum where companies leverage both on-premise and cloud systems, which are chosen to optimize individual systems and usages.

Define Managed IT

IT management services are available for all IT services that distract leaders and keep companies from focusing on strategy and production. Managed IT can involve any or all of the expected IT services like security, day-to-day maintenance, usage monitoring, backups, heating, cooling, and so forth.

Certified data centres make adopting a Hybrid IT model easier since they are positioned to focus solely on optimizing these processes. The tailored solutions from data centre service providers mean that your applications can function and be protected at optimal levels, whether via cloud or colocation solutions.

Web Development and Data Protection

We all know that security has become a top concern in the modern era. Retaining control over your data is not just good business sense. It is a compliance expectation. Once data is in the cloud, it becomes more susceptible to data breaches. This protection requires strong security practices on default, including encryption.

For many web-based companies, such as those involved in retail, this data represents the majority of your business. Data centre solutions can keep their eyes on protecting your clients’ data as it comes through the website so you can sleep soundly.


Data centre solutions and certified data centres can also help with edge computing to ease your centralized infrastructure requirements. Edge computing takes the computer processing power close to the usage source.

For example, to reduce the overall workload in autonomous cars, much of the computing is placed within the car itself. Another example is streaming services: many people streaming off of one service can put a heavy onus on network infrastructure, so popular content is housed in facilities closer to users.

The beneficial applications of utilizing a Toronto data centre in Canada’s most populated city will mean that many more users will appreciate greater services and efficiency. Moreover, the efficiency appreciation of your company will multiply exponentially as well.

When looking for tier 3 data centres, ensure that they are able to provide managed IT solutions that are customizable to your company’s needs, like Pathway Communications. Visit our website to learn more about the data solutions we can offer you.