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The Trends of Colocation Services in 2021

By June 28, 2021September 11th, 2023No Comments

Colocation services are subject to growth and change. Heightened network security, quality connectivity, and an increase of power supply are a few of the many great aspects of colocation services. If you need extra space for network hardware and additional servers, colocation services will support workload needs. With managed colocation services, experts will take care of clients’ infrastructures while they focus on their own company goals. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for these services has significantly increased as businesses shift towards a remote workforce. With these items to consider, 2021 has accelerated colocation services and brought new trends along the way.

Market Growth

With businesses allowing their employees to work from home throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, the need for colocation services has increased. When searching for efficient colocation systems, businesses look for the security and reliability of services. Most businesses will consider reliable managed colocation services so that they can focus on their company. Other factors businesses consider are firewall, backup management services, and operating systems. Businesses can also consider a server colocation for a cost-effective and reliable housing of their hardware. The demand for colocation services is predicted to stay as businesses consider a hybrid or fully remote working model for employees.

Increase in Remote Workforce Security

With more employees working remotely, securing a safe workforce has required businesses to evaluate the threats of cybersecurity. There is an increased risk of cybersecurity attacks as a result of more individuals logging into networks from remote areas. With colocation systems offering more security , it is likely the demand for colocation services such as, server colocation will increase. Businesses will consider utilizing colocation data centres to store their hardware securely while they work.

New-Look Data Centres

Edge data centres are becoming more popular in 2021. These colocation data centres are small facilities that are located close by to the areas they serve. These trending data centres provide increased speed since the distance between a centre and a business is decreased. Continuous growth and innovations of these centres are resulting in innovative shifts. Pods and containers may also be seen soon as more accessible colocation data centres.

AI & Infrastructure

AI plays a massive role in colocation services. AI infrastructure deals with data scientists, and software and data engineers. Data centres are heavily influenced by AI and are more efficient because of it. AI is also used for server optimization in centres and as a way of dealing with security. With the high electrical and mechanical requirements of an AI infrastructure, the system greatly impacts data centre services. AI in data centres will allow for continuous growth beyond limitations.