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What Colocation Brings to Your Business

By June 9, 2022September 11th, 2023No Comments

In the information technology field, reliability is paramount to a company’s survival and their ability to thrive. Those companies who employ a colocation data centre are far more reliable than those who do not. Any IT company with a low degree of reliability will not have a very long shelf life. Customers want to know when they use a company’s product it will work every time. With every click of their mouse. When that doesn’t happen, customers will seek alternative sources to meet their needs that are there for every click, every time.

Those companies with a single server, in a single, physical location, are incredibly shortsighted. What happens if the power goes out to the building or there is a fire or flood that damages the server hardware? While many companies have redundant backup locations offsite, they fail to consider the ramifications of not having a redundant server location too. Think of it this way: What good is backed up data when there is no server to restore it to?

So, how do you avoid these problems?

Simple, colocation.

How Can Colocation Improve my Business?

With colocation services as part of your company’s network configuration, there are numerous benefits. With Pathway Communications, server colocation ensures your company’s server with the highest degree of reliability with twenty-four-hour monitoring 365 days a year.

Colocation Benefits include:

  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Complete Privacy
  • Managed Colocation Services
  • Portability
  • Proactive Monitoring


With enterprise grade equipment, Pathway offers a Tier III colocation data centre with unsurpassed reliability. Boasting a 99.982% uptime by the Uptime Institute, Pathway provides a cooling environment, so all server hardware operates with a greater degree of efficiency. All networks are built with an N+1 level of redundancy or better. We also provide geographical redundancy meaning your server is not just located in one area.


We offer onsite security 24x7x365 with perimeter alarm technology. Employing biometric technology at every access point, Pathway Communications records all activity through video surveillance and various intrusion detection systems.

Complete Privacy

All colocation racks are maintained by strict physical restrictions, as well as, vetted network access controls. All server data and subsequent information are located physically in Canada as part of the colocation Toronto initiative.


Companies can greatly reduce their reliance on physical files and reduce the amount of paper used during their day-to-day operation. Electronic data can be accessed at any time for analysis, research and development, and for building on demand reporting mechanisms.

Proactive Monitoring

By actively monitoring your connection to our data centre, Pathway Communications can ensure your server is operating with optimum efficiency with no downtime.. No downtime means greater accessibility and greater reliability which all translates to better business for you and your company.